Thursday, April 20, 2006

Drumroll, please...

We have a winner! A muse for my new book--Tom Welling. I have no idea who this guy is (an actor, I know that much), but according to his bio on he fits all my criteria for my new hero and then some!

A big thanks to Lissa! And to Tori, too, since Jeremy was pretty close to what I was looking for and you concurred with the Tom Welling suggestion. Both of you may choose any book from my backlist or you can wait for the one coming out this fall. Just email me with your book choice and address and if you want the autograph personalized or generic. I just unpacked my office so I actually know where all my books are at the moment!

Sorry for not posting much this week. It's spring break and a stomach virus has taken out the kidlets one of the time. Today everyone seemed well so we went to the zoo. They had to do at least one fun thing during the week! Now hubby's taken them for the rest of the afternoon and evening so I can take a quick nap and then get to work on the book.


Anonymous said...

Your welcome. I'm glad you liked him. He's Clark Kent on the WB's Superman.


Tori Lennox said...

Oh cool! I didn't even know there was a prize invovled. :) I can't believe I never even thought of Tom. I even have this adorable picture of him as part of my rotating desktop wallpaper.