Monday, May 15, 2006

One week to go

So my book is due next Monday. I hope that means if I email the manuscript by 11:59 pm on Monday night I'll still be on-time!

Mother's Day was great. My six year old painted a flower pot and planted a marigold in it for me. My eight year old made me two cards, unfortunately she couldn't remember where she put them (lots of tears that just broke my heart) though things brightened considerably when I receive a lovely email greeting from her and My awesome hubby came through with a cute skirt and top from Nordstrom, too.

Brunch at the winery was fun. The kids ate well, and my parents enjoyed themselves. I managed a nap on the hour plus drive home and then had a few hours to write while hubby took kids for a walk around the lake. To top off a great day, my hubby then made me one of my favorite meals-enchiladas stuffed with goat cheese and covered in a yummy tomatillo sauce.

I watched the final episode of The West Wing. Since I hadn't watched the show in years, I guess I didn't really get the full impact since I had no idea who Santos (Jimmy Smits), the new press secretary and a bunch of other characters were. Plus I have no idea what Toby needed a pardon for. Can someone clue me in about that please?

Of course, I wrote and rewrote. Chapters 6 and 7 to be exact. More romance was needed. I can't remember what well-known, talented author said she kept a sticky note on her computer with the words "It's a romance, stupid" but I think I need to do the same. With trying to bring out the conflict and the looming deadline pressing down on me, I sort of forgot about the romance. Oops. Anyway I'm back on track now. The two chapters come to 46 pages, but one chapter has a whole lot more pages in it than the other. I need to see if I can break them up a little different. I also finished a very rough draft of Chapter 8 and started revising it on paper.

Today's goal: Finish chapter 8 and write 10 pages of chapter 9
Pages written today: 0 (but I haven't started writing yet)
Daily new page goal: 10
Pages revised: Up through Chapter 7
Pages polished and good to go: 136
Pages left: 64 (but over half of those have already been roughed out)
Days until book is due: 7
What I wish I had in my hand instead of a glass of water: A chocolate milkshake topped with whip cream and sprinkles

Update: I'm totally and utterly devastated. ABC cancelled INVASION. For real this time, not the time before when it was only off the air for a few weeks. I can't believe it. What am I going to do without my fave show???? WAAAAAAAHHHH!

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