Saturday, December 15, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I decided to take this week off from writing and catch up. I even went climbing twice, but the cough is still bad that I haven't gone back to my Crossfit workouts. I've discovered how much one can do without having to worry about getting pages written each day.

Many of you who won free books in the contest over the last two months should have received them or will in the next day or two. I made six different appointments for various family members. I spoke with Disneyland Vacation planning to get stuff in order for our visit next month. And after a month of not folding laundry, it's finally all folded! I actually do have carpet in my bedroom! As for my Christmas To Do list, I'm making a dent into it, but still have the cards to do and a few other things. Next week is when I'll bake.

I got a nice surprise in the mail this week, too! A good friend of mine, Alex, who is the godfather of my son, sent a package. Inside were presents (no surprise there), but there were a couple of extra goodies for me. One was a box of Godiva chocolates. The tag read: As special celebration for finishing a book. The next was a container of Godiva hot cocoa mix to drink "while contemplating what to write".

Considering my chocolate intake was extremely low that final week of deadline dementia (the only thing we had in the house was a quarter of a bag of Nestle Toll House semi-sweet morsels), this was a very welcome treat. So a big thank you to Alex and Carol for thinking of me!

My son makes his first reconciliation (confession) today. What are you up to?


Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* on still not being quite up to snuff. Maybe that chocolate will do the trick. :)

Dru said...

Chocolate is the cure-all for all that ails you. Hope that cough disappears soon.

Is there a ceremony involving first confession or do they just go and chat with the priest?

Nothing much except a library run. Hey, would you believe I'm still waiting for Amazon to deliver your book?

Have a good Saturday.

Brandy said...

Woo-Hoo Chocolate! YUM! Enjoy your speacial gift, that was very sweet.
As for the cough-get ye to a Doctor woman! We worry about you!
Good luck to your Son on his first reconcilliation. Daughter did hers this past year and I was on pins and needles and no idea why! Your Son will do wonderful!

Have a nice day and stay warm!

p.s. I received my books, but Lady, did we not have a "talk"? *G* In all seriousness, thank you.

Marianne Arkins said...

So... I just finished the tango. ((fans self))... LOL

Today? I got to take the puppy all over the place. She was a big hit everywhere we went.

Tonight? I'm sitting and dreading the weather that's coming. I don't know what's worse -- KNOWING it's going to be rotten, or NOT knowing.

Happy Disneyland-ing. Haven't been there since I lived in Calif... Um... some twenty years ago. Wow.

I'm old.

Nathalie said...

You can never have enough chocolate... I just received a great Delacre cookie box :)

Melissa said...

Thanks Tori! Chocolate usually does the trick except hubby already hid the box. He leaves for Israel tomorrow so I need to have him tell me where it is. I already searched and couldn't find it.

There is no ceremony, Dru. It's just him and the priest in the confessional. It went well. He was nervous beforehand but said he felt joy in his heart when he was done. I wonder what's going on with Amazon. They are usually much faster.

Thanks, Brandy. If I don't feel better, I will see a doctor this week. I was hoping rest would take care of it. You win, you get books. That's how the contest works. Enjoy them!

Haha, Marianne. My editor loved the tango scene. Were you reading my blog when I wrote it? I really had to work hard on that one and was blogging about it. I'm sure you were the most popular lady around with a cute puppy in tow.

Oh, Nathalie, a cookie box sounds yummy! Enjoy.

Bailey Stewart said...

Received the book yesterday. I would have emailed you then, but I'd had a hard day. (read the blog)

Chocolate is wonderful. I have a batch of fudge in the refrigerator right now.

I'm happy for your son.