Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Guest Blogging Today

Thanks all! The braces are helping, but my hands are still hurting. Luckily, I'd sent a guest blog to Harlequin author Liz Fielding before they got to the point they are now so I'm sending you to her blog today for my post! I'm also giving away a copy of my upcoming release SOS Marry Me! there!

I'll post a catch-up tally tomorrow. I want to save my hands for writing!

Have a great day!



Dru said...

don't worry about writing to that hand. Make sure you ice it as well.

Brandy said...

Glad to hear the braces are helping a bit. You just write, don't worry about is and take breaks for your hands!

Have a wonderful day!

Cherie J said...

Sorry to hear you are not better. I agree with Dru. You need to rest your hand, not worrying about writing to us. We will still be here when you can write again.

Amy said...

Rest your hands, sweetie.

limecello said...

Hope you continue to feel better, Melissa!