Thursday, June 26, 2008

Win A Book!

If you head over here and post a comment at The Wedding Planners blog, you could win a copy of Virginia Kantra's Shifter anthology.

My daughter's finger is not broken! They said it looks like a bruised knuckle. I opted to skip the x-rays. The kidlet's had quite a few already. They splinted it because it kept hurting when she was playing or doing stuff outside. They said it could hurt her for up to a month or more. Her brother stepped on her hand. He feels really bad about it!

My hands have started acting up a little more. A different kind of pain so I'm back to wearing the braces more and limiting computer time once again. I will look into making a doctor's appt. and my friend Elizabeth Boyle emailed me about seeing a hand OT person. I didn't even know they existed!

But right now hubby is in Tel Aviv and things are a bit hectic. But relief is in sight. I met my mom in Woodburn last night and she took the three of them for a couple of nights. It's just me and the furbabies and a horribly messy and dirty house. I need to get it straightened up before hubby returns and cleaning is not a strong-point of mine!

How are things in your life right now? Hectic or calm?


Sarita Leone said...

So glad the finger's not broken! :)

Hectic here now. Very much nutty but I am not complaining. It's all good, and I know it'll calm down right after the first of July. How do I know? Because my book will be done and I'll be able to give my aching fingers a rest.

Hope your hands get better soon! And I hope you and your fuzzy darlings enjoy some time to yourselves.

Brandy said...

Calm here. Although I feel stressed beyond belief. I'm so glad to hear that your Daughters finger isn't broken. Enjoy your time of "freedom".
I am sorry to hear about your hand pain, you need to see a Doc.


Tori Lennox said...

I'm glad the finger's not broken!

Life's about the same as always around here. :)

amy said...

Calm? Calm? Honey, I have KIDS! The antithesis of calm! At some point they will move out and things will be calm and I will be SAD.

So sorry your hands are still hurting you. And sorry on daughter's finger. But glad it's not broken. Maybe you can get a full night's sleep now? When does Hubby return?

Nathalie said...

Here... Hectic!

Too much studying makes me insane!

Lily said...

No fracture... that is good :)

Mine is also hectic at the moment!

limecello said...

Glad it's not a broken finger!
Life here... hectic. My final is tomorrow. :(
Also, my birthday is Saturday - and my "fabulous" friends would never do anything, so planning is all left to me. ... Hopefully they know to stop bothering me until after my test :P.
Haha - at least I'll have something to look forward to. And I need to get studying.

catslady said...

Glad it isn't broken and maybe it won't hurt for too long. Hope the doctor has an answer for you.
Tomorrow my two daughters and I are traveling 6 hrs. to NJ to attend a small wedding shower for my daughter given by her MIL on sunday and she has another shower to go to that's a couple of hours away while we'll stay with her financee and then back again sunday night.

Elizabeth said...

Huzzah, huzzah for your mother. Aren't they the best! And please get yourself to a hand doc, ASAP.

windycindy said...

It is a mixture of both. I am down with a really painful knee. I just had a birthday today and it was wonderful. Thanks, Cindi