Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Catchup

Chaos went trick or treating on Friday night. Her costume...Superdog! The kids tied a red cape around her. The good doggy that she is never complained once and happily went along with it. One house was giving out dog biscuit so she even got a treat! Not a bad gig. I'll add a picture this week. I haven't had time to download anything this weekend.

Of course, Chaos was absolutely exhausted when she got home. So were the kidlets. All of them crashed and had to be woken up on Saturday morning. Even the dog!

Granted, Chaos is fifty pounds, definitely not a puppy, but this picture is how I would love to see my dog and cats sleep.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Someday I'd love to catch them all curled up together. Okay, I know it's not going to happen, but a person can still dream!

On Saturday, I got a massage. She concentrated on my hands, arms, shoulders and neck to try and relieve the carpal tunnel symptoms. I came home feeling better than I have in months. It made me realize just how much things have been hurting. The only thing I wanted to do now that I felt better was go climbing! I didn't. Only because my climbing partner had other plans. Oh, well...maybe this week. I made an appointment to go back this week for another massage. I figure with a deadline only two weeks away, I need it!

Other than that it was a typical game, swim meet, church and writing (NaNoWriMo started Saturday!) What about you?


Marianne Arkins said...

Awww... I can't wait to see Chaos. How CUTE!

And, you never know, the dog/kitty problems may eventually go away. Cats aren't known for being generous with their territory with anyone -- even other cats, so it takes time. My dog and kitty are finally able to coexist for the most part... I don't expect cuddling for another year or two!

I'm so glad you're feeling better.

squiresj said...

My 25 cats and dog snuggled together a lot. I look out the window and see the dog washing the kittens and them rolling on the ground and playing with him. We live in the country. I was laid up with one surgery after another or some of these kittens would be gone.
Halloween became a trial for my husband and I this year. We have one Commander in our Royal Ranger group who does not want his kids to celebrate. I have no problem with kids having fun. But I felt we need to respect in the church those who do not want to participate.
I always loved to see my kids enjoy themselves. But the church should either plan something together or leave this holiday to the parents outside the church I feel.
Now my husband and I are praying about whether we can stay where we are and minister. Not because of the holiday but we learned we no longer have the support of the Pastor who was our neighbor for 13 years.
I came upon your site looking for a different author. When I typed her name in search engine, I found you and decided to check it out.
God Bless.

Virginia said...

I am glad to here your massage helped, so maybe you should get one more often. How is your voice software working out? Did you get it to work? I am sure that will help your hands.

Rottie_mom said...

Cant wait to see Chaos in her costume.

Everyone will eventually settle down and you might be surprised to see them all cuddling one day. Nanuchy my grouchy terror mix will allow the 2 shelties to sleep on the doggy bed with her only if she wants the extra body heat LOL.

Only had 5 trick or treaters on friday. On saturday my sis and I went to the witches ball. Had a lot of fun and stayed out later than I have in a long time lol.

Great idea about the massage.

catslady said...

Our last dog got along splendidly with all my cats but they never did cuddle together for some reason.

My daughter had their puppy all dressed for the trick or treaters and only got 4 - they were very disappointed.

The massages sound like a wonderful idea.

Amy said...

Soccer is OVER. Two weeks until basketball starts, but still. It's a two-week reprieve!

Tori Lennox said...

A massage sounds heavenly!

Melissa said...

The massage was heavenly. I'll have another on Tuesday. It really helped.

I went to the doctor's this morning. She doesn't think it's carpal tunnel. She thinks there's some early signs, but that it's the tendons on the inside of my wrist, the ulna and something near my elbow. Maybe that's why the massage helped so much!

Sure hope I someday get to see my furbabies cuddle. That would make me such a happy mommy!

Melissa said...

squiresj - thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going that well at church. I've never experienced that, but know people who have and they were much happier worshiping at a different one. Good luck!

Melissa said...

Virginia - the voice software takes so much fixing after I speak that I might as well be typing. It's getting better, but deadline time is not the time to try a new writing process. I'll give it another go when I start the next book. The proposal for that one isn't due until Feb. so I'll have more time to play around with it!

Melissa said...

We had a ton of Trick or Treaters. It was so much fun. Best costume of the night was a kid, probably jr. high/middle schooler who dressed up like Dwayne from the NBC show The Office. Looked just like him except a foot or so shorter!

Brandy said...

We had quite a few trick-or-treaters ,too. They were so cute (the little ones anyway.) Glad to hear the massage helped and that you've seen a Doctor. Sorry to hear the Voice Recognition Software didn't work as well as you'd wish.

Have a great day!

Jane said...

I stayed home on Halloween. I spent the weekend catching up on my favorite tv shows. Massages are the best. Wish I could afford to get them all the time.

Yan said...

Awwwwww that has to be the most cutest picture I've seen.

limecello said...

wknd = not enough done - that lolcats picture is also TOO TOO CUTE! awee

Sarita Leone said...

So glad the massage helped. What an excellent idea, and so relaxing besides.

Here in the country we had no trick or treaters (boo hoo!) but I love hearing about everyone else's adventures. My aunt got over 100 kids at her house! How much fun is that? :)

Dru said...

The first time I got a massage, it really stressed me out more then when I walked in. The same thing happened the second time I got a massage. I'm probably not a massage type of person.

I'm glad that it helped you though.