Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas

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Today is the day we will finally celebrate our weather-delayed Christmas with my family. It's also hubby's birthday! And yesterday was my nephew Connor's fourteenth birthday. Needless to say there will be much celebrating!

UPDATE: I just got home from piano lessons with the kids. My sister's family is sick so we have to cancel our plans today. We're hoping to reschedule for Sunday.

One thing I've noticed is so many people act as if Christmas is over. We take the twelve days of Christmas to heart around here. December 1- 24 were Advent, the preparation to Christmas. I didn't get my Department 56 villages up until Christmas Eve! The 25th until Epiphany is the actual time to celebrate the holiday.

I've been trying to teach this to the kidlets, too. Each child picks one of their gift from under the Christmas tree on the 25th to put aside until Epiphany, the day symbolizing the visit of the three Wise men/kings/magi when they gave gifts to Jesus. My dad called this Little Christmas when I was growing up though we never exchanged gifts on that day. But I figured saving the gifts might help the kids understand better why I have us do what we do. Time will tell if I succeeded.

One family I know puts up their lights a couple of weeks before Christmas, but doesn't turn them on until Christmas day. They celebrate the twelve days of Christmas by leaving little gifts in the stockings each of the twelve days. I thought that was a neat idea and was so happy that my oldest got to hear that we're not the only ones who do things a little differently.

Of course, the rest of my family takes down their trees and decorations on the 26th which is why we're hosting Christmas today since our decorations stay up until after Epiphany. And now that we have an artificial tree, I won't have to worry about it turning into a matchstick by the first week of January!

What about you? Is Christmas over for you? Or do you continue the celebration until Epiphany?


Dru said...

Christmas for me is over the next day, especially if one has to go to work.

Happy Birthday to hubby and Connor.

limecello said...

Christmas was a day late for us this year, but it's pretty much over now. (Esp with sister being difficult. *rolls eyes* Un-good.)

Melissa said...

I remember having to fly home on Christmas day when I worked for United so I could be back at work the next day. The company my hubby works for usually shuts down between Christmas and New Years so that hasn't been an issue for us in a few years!

Oh, hugs on the sister difficulties, limecello. I hope your dog sitting is going well. Sounds like you have a lot on your hands there!

I have to take the kidlets to piano in a few minutes. We missed lessons due to the weather and need to make them up! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you and the family all the joy and peace of the 12 days of Christmas. We also put up our decorations late and take them down late according to the local custom here. I have enjoyed reading your diary for a while now. Nice to hear how another dance family is doing. We never run into you anymore since the girls classes don't overlap.
May 2009 be filled with surprises and laughter for you all.
Peace , Ellen

Melissa said...

Thanks, Ellen! The same to you and your family. I miss seeing everyone from that original class. And now some of the girls are no longer dancing. But it's wonderful to watch these girls grow into young women!

Amy said...

We're one-day celebrators, here. Our decorations go up Thanksgiving weekend and come down the weekend after New Year's Day.

But the holiday is extended for us this year due to snow....we're doing our big family thing on 1.1

Tori Lennox said...

It's over at our house. We took down the tree & stuff yesterday. It was kind of in the way. :)

catslady said...

I always keep my tree up for as long as I can - well into January. Our live tree goes up when I can get everyone together for tree trimming so it's never on the same day.

So sorry everyone is sick. My niece was to have our family celebration but all 9 of them got sick (7 kidlets!!). Her makeup day was when we couldn't make it so our immediate family had ours on Sunday. Our Thanksgiving was messed up too. Not a good year for family get togethers.

Brandy said...

Our outside lights go up the first weekend in December and our live tree two weeks-to a week before Christmas. We take it down on New Years Eve, but will leave up the tiny Advent tree we have until Epiphany.

I hope you're day goes well. Happy Birthday to Hubs and nephew Connor!

Jane said...

Christmas is over for us, but we haven't taken down the tree and decorations yet. Happy Birthday to you husband and nephew.

Virginia said...

Christmas is pretty much over for us to. My husband's birthday is on the 27 so we straight from Christmas to birthday. My decorations are all down and put away. I guess its over for us.