Friday, May 22, 2009

Imitating the dog...

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The attacks on Chaos continue. Just the other day, Rocket left his perch on the sill of a bathroom window to go after Chaos who lay at my feet in the bedroom. But the cat' keen observation of the enemy have led them to change how they get my attention.

When Chaos wants me, she nudges me with her nose. She'll push her nose under my hand or arm so that I'll rub her. It can be annoying at times, especially when she's relentless. It's amazing what she can move with that nose of hers. But it works, and she gets what she's after.

Well, yesterday I wanted to take a quick nap. Just as I was falling asleep I felt something against my hand. I opened my eyes and saw Rocket nudging me with his head. He wanted rubs. In the past, he used to tap me with his paw. I gave him a pat, then rolled over. Suddenly I felt his head against my back. Over and over again! I rubbed him a little more, then tried to sleep. Emphasis on try. The cat wouldn't leave me alone.

Now I realize why Smalls started headbutting me when she wants love! She's imitating Chaos!

Spirit has joined in on the fun yet. She prefers to rely on her voice instead. I'm hoping it stays that way.

If you have animals, how do they get your attention?

Hope you have a happy Friday!


Anne-Kathrine said...

LOL too cute.

Both my cats and Sonja (sheltie) do the head butting thing. Nanuchy (terrorX) puts her butt as close to me as she can since she loves having her butt scratched but hates having her head petted.

When Im lying in bed Pirata (kitty) will jump up there and lie alongside me on her back with her back end towards the top of the bed so I can rub her tummy. I've never met a cat that loves having her tummy scratched and petted as much as her. Then again my cats act more like dogs than cats so shouldn't be too surprised.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Brandy said...

Layla, my most spoiled kitty, will stare at me or tap me or reach up her paws to me to be picked up. She'll also head butt me and will meow at me. She's not shy! *G* I have another, Oreo, that will twine around my legs and meow at me constantly. Yet another, Midnight, will just walk all over me and try to snurfle my neck and yet another will walk all over me back and forth, that's Fireball. Athena will "chatter" at me, but only when I go to the restroom. *G* Patches will sit next to me and rub her head on my arm. Butterscotch will stand on his hind legs and tap at me while shaking his tail. So, yeah, I know when they want attention. *G*
I hope you're having an enjoyable Friday!

Dru said...

Have a good weekend.

catslady said...

With 6 cats they do it all - cry, paw at me, one actually bites, or they lay on me. I've had one on my chest, lap, and legs all at the same time lol. Even if I lay on my side two will still lay on top of me.

limecello said...

Hah! Clever little critters. My sister's dog will poke you with her nose. It's really cute. Or she'll pat you with her paw, depending on where you/she is. (She's a little thing, so no damage.) Heh. Cute!

Jane said...

I don't have any pets.

Have a great holiday weekend.