Monday, December 20, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

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I could use a few elves to help me finish up getting ready for Christmas this week. Of course, ones with opposable thumbs would be more helpful when it comes to wrapping presents!  The feline elf types (at least the ones who live here) prefer the ribbons and bows to the paper. Unless they want a nap, then they plop right down on the wrapping paper regardless that I'm about to set a present on it!

I only have a couple more gifts to purchase, then groceries. We're still trying to decide on a Christmas dinner menu.

I'll also be working on the new Christmas Magic in Hood Hamlet proposal. Nothing like being surrounded by holiday cheer when writing a Christmas story!

What do you have going on? Are you ready for Christmas?


Elizabeth Boyle said...

Oh, that menu! I am going back and forth on what to serve. Will have to serious about this quickly!

Judy said...

Hi, Melissa. I'm all but through... have the menu planned and the food bought. Still have a few last minute things to pick up for Bob and the kids who will be home.

Speaking of cats and wrapping paper...have you seen this:

Dru said...

I'm ready for Christmas and for it to be over.

Brandy said...

We're just about there. We are having cornish game hens for Christmas dinner. I have some groceries to pick up on Thursday and then we're done.

I hope you get all your wrapping done! Even with your kitties help. *g* And that Chaos is feeling better.