Friday, March 04, 2011

Ninja Kitty

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Hai! Iz Yoda again! MomE on deadline. No time to blog. So I do it for her.

She sez picture above like me. I not evil so must be a Ninja.

But...what iz Ninja?

I jump, fly through air and karate chop old catz with pawz. Iz that a Ninja?

I iz expert lazer beam chaser and stuffed toy destroyer. Iz that a Ninja?

I ruin window coveringz and rollz of toilet paper. Iz that a Ninja?

I eat noms and purr. Iz that a Ninja?

I iz also cute and adorable. Iz that a Ninja?

I don't wantz to be evil. Am I a Ninja?


Sarita said...

Yoda, you are too adorable for words! You keep up the karate chopping, air flying and chasing. I'm sure it keeps your MomE highly entertained!

Please let your MomE know I'm sending good writing thoughts her way.

Brandy said...

Yoda, you're a super sneaky ninja who stole your Mommy's heart and makes her laugh. That's a GOOD Ninja. *g*

Hoping for a good day for ALL of the furbabies and family today!

Dru said...

You are definitely a ninja Yoda, especially since I've seen you in action.

Now be a good ninja and let mommy meet her deadline. If you want to be very good, bring her some chocolate.

Jane said...

Good luck with the deadline, Mel.