Monday, December 26, 2011

On the 2nd day of Christmas...

funny pictures - Dis iz taking longur than I thought. I shud hav brought dat new issue ov Cat Fancy
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I wish this were a picture of Spirit, my now-seems-to-be-sick-again-furbaby, using the litter box last night and this morning. Then I might not have spent my morning cleaning up after her. She left lots for me on this second day of Christmas. All of which I could have done without. Hubby cleaned her. I took the rest. I did what I could for almost an hour. Advanced Nature's Miracle is now soaking in for my next attempt. Then we'll be renting a carpet cleaner. I also see a call to the vet. I'm hoping she just ate something she shouldn't have and her IBD is not acting up.

Christmas was so nice! A nice leisurely morning since we'd gone to Mass the night before. Hubby smoked a Prime rib and later neighbors stopped by for dessert.

I guess Santa was right after all. The kidlets did make it back onto the nice list. Santa brought lots of Legos, Barbies and a dog grooming table. Some wii and DS games, too! Some pretty cool stocking stuffers, too! Santa also brought the cats a climbing tree and Chaos a new pillow.

I don't think I'll hear the kids asking for much for a few days. At least I hope not!

My parents got the two younger ones an Xbox with Kinect and the oldest the new iPod Touch. We did the usual pajamas, slippers and a Hallmark ornament for each of the kids, then I tried to get something I thought each would really like.

Finn received the third season of Clone Wars on Blu-ray, some Sports game for the Kinect and a very cool book called The Jedi Path. It comes in a vault like box. You press a box and the door open and the book is raised up.

Mackenna got a grooming bag with her name monogrammed (ordered this in August at a dog show), a hat, scarf and glove set and a set of books that includes the Uglies. It was out of print so I had to do some searching to find a new boxed set and Alibris came through for me.

We got Rose an iPod shuffle (an orange one since that's her fave color) and an American Girl novel about soccer and a Victorious Xbox Game. She left a note for Santa, reminding her that she really wanted an iPod! I had to smile when I read that!

Hubby and I don't exchange gifts. For a long time, we've taken the money we'd spend on each other to do giving trees, adopt a family gifts, etc. The kids gave me some really sweet things. Finn got me a pair of lined Crocs to wear around the house. Not exactly steel-toed slippers, but close enough to save me from breaking or bruising any more toes. My foot still isn't looking great after last Monday! Mackenna gave me a pair of tall, red glass candlestick holders with white tapers. They'll be perfect with our new living room decor! And Rose gave me a coupon book for foot rubs and a pair of Mary Jane-type Crocs.

How was your Christmas or Hanukkah, if you celebrate?


Brandy said...

We had a quiet and nice Christmas. The kids were spoiled by their grandparents (the Out-laws) and I'll admit, by us as well. Son received a new skateboard, a remote control helicopter, two books and some pajamas and his first knife. Daughter received earrings, bracelets, an iron worked heart with wings for her room and some very cool nail polish along with a new pair of pajamas. (Oh, and a HUGE pack of pens and two notebooks. She loves to write.)
Chris and I usually set a very small limit on what we spend on each other. I bought him a Big Bang Theory book, an action figure for his favorite x-box game and a new snorkel and mask for goofing off in the Y's pool. He bought me a Kindle Fire. I'm still in shock. He broke the rules, but I'm having a hard time keeping my indignation. *g*

I hope you and your family are having a Happy day after Christmas!

Virginia said...

We had a nice Christmas and got to spend some time with the family. That's the best part.

Dru said...

You had a nice Christmas and I love the foot rub coupons.

My Christmas was good.

Amy W. said...

My kitties received their BIG present early. I ordered "The Mondo" scratching post on line and they had it before Thanksgiving. It has totally stopped their naughties (scratching on my furniture) so it was well worth the price! I hope your kitty feels better real soon!