Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rose!

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My youngest turns nine today! I won't have to worry about making a birthday cake like the LOLcat above. Rose decided she wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen instead. All I need to do is pick it up today. Easy peasy!

Her presents are in my closet waiting to be wrapped. I meant to do it yesterday when she was at school, but lost track of time. Then I lost my keys and was in a panic to find them since I was pick up person for the carpool!

The kids are home with me on Fridays so it'll be a relaxing kind of day. Some school in the morning, but that's it. No big party, just eating out at her favorite restaurant, a trip to Build-a-Bear to stuff a new friend and of course, ice cream cake. Sometime in the future we'll squeeze in a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

Of course, that means two birthday celebrations for her. She's going to milk this for all it's worth. Last night she asked her big sister if she could sleep in her room. She wanted to wake up on her birthday in there. Mackenna actually said yes!

Hope you have a nice Friday! I'm looking forward to mine!


Jane said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Virginia said...

Happy Birthday Rose!!!!!

My son got a Dairy Queen cake on his birthday and love it. I think it was the oreo one.

Dru said...

Happy Birthday to youngest and I hope she had a great day celebrating.