Friday, January 27, 2012

Rulers of the World

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I laughed when I saw this LOLcat. Our cats' cuteness have turned them into rulers of the house. Pathetic, but true. When hubby phoned home last night, who could he hear in the background? Rocket who wanted a evening snack. If cats had opposable thumbs, they would rule the world.

So it's Friday, hubby returns home after spending another week away. I've started a new book, two really, if since I'm writing one and reading another. Not much else to say, so I'll leave you with one more cat pic. Isn't it cute? I had fun trying to pick out my cats from this list!

funny pictures - An Illustrated Guide to Cat Breeds
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Enjoy your Friday!


Brandy said...

The kitty pictures are so cute. Love the one at the bottom. We have a black cat that looks and acts so much like the Havana Brown it's funny. (Matter of fact, his black coat has a brown tinge, it's weird.)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your hubby home!

Jane said...

I love the cat pic, especially the drawing of the Persian.

Dru said...

Have a great weekend.