Monday, July 02, 2012

Happy Birthday Chaos!

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Today, our beloved Chaos turns seven! She's now considered a veteran and can go back into the breed ring at dog shows even though she's been spayed. Mackenna can't wait to show her there, even though they've been doing Junior Showmanship. (They placed 2nd yesterday at a show in Redmond!)

While the cats are at home with a housesitter (and doing well, yay!), Chaos is here with us in Sunriver having a blast. She's been going for lots of walks. We went geo-caching yesterday and she came face-to-face (well, within twenty feet) of four deer. The hunter instinct in her (Norwegian Elkhounds are used to hunt moose) went into overdrive. I've never seen her ears stand so straight or such a perfect stack. It was really cute.

Right now she's on a nice long walk with hubby while the three kidlets do a two-hour trail ride. They've been wanting to go horseback riding for a while now. After an early morning at a dog show, bike riding, geo-caching, walking and tennis, they let me sleep in so I have a nice quiet house all to myself! I'll head over to the stable when they're coming back in, but hubby's been sending me pics of them heading out!

Here are some pics of Chaos from the time we adopted her when she was 2 1/2 years old. She's such a great dog. We really lucked out when I called the PSNEA Rescue Coordinator looking to adopt a Norwegian Elkhound who needed rescueing and we ended up with one of her dogs. But she felt we would be a good fit and it's been a perfect match.
Fresh from grooming

Go find your own to play with!

Not feeling well.
Hiking Mount Hood with daddy
Chaos and Yoda - the early years

It's not staying, right?
I hope you enjoy your Monday! We'll be spoiling our birthday dog with lots of love, treats and walks. Maybe we can find her some more deer to look at, too!


Jane said...

Happy Birthday to Chaos. She's adorable.

Quilt Lady said...

Happy Birthday Chaos!!! Surgery tomorrow, so I want be on line for a while.

Dru said...

Happy Birthday Chaos!

Quilt Lady: Sending you healthy vibes for a speedy recovery

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday, Chaos! She's such a beautiful girl!

Wishing speedy healing thoughts for Quilt Lady, too!

Sounds like y'all are having a great time, GOOD! (You deserve some down time.)

Maria Zannini said...

Those are terrific pictures. I especially liked the one of Chaos and 'Mini Chaos'--and the caption. :)

Hope it was a wonderful day all around.

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks, all! Chaos had a fantastic birthday. We found a pet store in the village so bought her a special peanut butter bone! She loved it!

Praying for you Quilt Lady! Take care of yourself!