Monday, December 03, 2012


We are trying to avoid the above LOLcat. Our tree has been up sans decorations. We're waiting to see if Beauty decides to camp out in the branches.  Remember these pics from last year...

The garland (wooden cranberry colored beads) will go up next, then we'll decide if we stick with the unbreakable ornaments this year again.

My glass/breakable ornaments have not been on the tree in a few years. I miss seeing them. But we weren't sure what Yoda would do with them. Then Beauty arrived. She was the first cat who climbed the tree. And, of course, she preferred the top half of the tree to rest!

She's been sitting under the tree and very curious about the branches. But so far no climbing.

Of course, this year we're adding in a new element. A puppy. Another Norwegian Elkhound puppy arrived yesterday to be socialized. I'll have more about him tomorrow! But I can only imagine what a puppy could do to ornaments hanging from the lower branches.

Yesterday was the first day of Advent. I was ahead of the game this year and had everything I needed. Surprising, isn't it?

But I can't take all the credit. Hubby was on the chocolate Advent Calendars this year. He didn't want a repeat of last year when we waited too long to buy them and they were sold out. We ended up with some not-as-good ones.

I also decided to do a little gift type calendar for each kidlet. I found this great fingernail polish Advent Calendar for Mackenna. Finn got a LEGO Star Wars one. Rose has the LEGO City one. All three are very pleased.

We lit a purple candle last night and read the First Day from a book called Jotham's Journey, a story for Advent. A very nice evening. Not to mention fun with the puppy running around!

How was your weekend?


Brandy said...

We haven't put up our tree yet. But, I remember one year we only decorated the tree from the top half up. *g* This year will be the first Christmas for the Quads (Elvis, Buddy Boy, Harley and Zoe) as well as Taki and Aka. Can't WAIT to see what happens. I gave up on breakable ornaments, except for a few which always go on the top branches. We do tend to purchase one new non-breakable ornament each year, though.

What a great tradition for the Advent (the book)!

Best wishes for a lovely day.

Quilt Lady said...

I have a good weekend. Had my family over for out Thanksgiving-birthday dinner for my sister and that is always a great time. Today I rescued a neighbor beagle dog that got loose and took him home and tied him to their front porch. The last time he got loose someone called the Pound on him and my neighbor had to pay to get him out.