Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Home again

This past weekend in the Bay Area was just what I needed. An escape from packing, To Do lists and family. I even got some writing done. Did I mention my new editor gave me the go ahead on one of my ideas? Of course, it wasn't the one I had almost completed the proposal for, so now I'm writing like crazy trying to get three chapters and a synopsis together before the movers come. Good thing I've already fallen head-over-heels for my hero. Now to figure out exactly what makes my heroine tick.

My best bud, Deb, loved her 40th birthday. We did typical girly things. Shopping, movie (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-I want to read the book now), dinner, stayed up way too late talking and watching DVDs, brunch (Hobee's still makes the best coffee cake) and walked around Stanford.

Her present (besides my visit) was a book, Summerhouse by Jude Devereaux. It's about three women who are celebrating their 40th birthday and get the chance to change something in their past. The back cover alone led to some great late night discussions.

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