Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Writer's Block and Guest Blogging

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This is exactly my problem! If it's not a cat blocking my writing, it's a Norwegian Elkhound. Chaos was bad enough, but now the puppy wants to be on top of me, too, and she has no qualms about the keyboard. Either does the new kitten, who is becoming quite the typist. The older cats prefer to lie on my manuscript pages. Sigh...

Today I'm over at Paty Jager's blog. I hope you'll stop by and say hi! Paty writes western romances and has a special gift for readers, a free download of her novella Christmas Redemption from Smashwords, Nook, Kindle and iBook.

Don't forget! Today is the last day to enter my two contests. Here and at Jennifer Shirk's blog: Me, My Muse and I! Comment here and there to be entered. One commenter from each blog will win a $10 Amazon gift card.

Can anyone else believe it's the last day of November? I am in complete denial!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hats and gloves and mittens, oh my!

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As the temperatures cool, I've been trying to gather our winter accessories together. Emphasis on trying.

The long underwear, fleece type stuff was easy. I have a shelf in my closet where I keep it all. But it appears as if there's a glove/mitten and hat thief in our house. All of mine are missing. Considering I have at least four pairs that's a little frustrating. I have searched everywhere. No purple fleece gloves, no red wool gloves, no gray fleece mittens and no brown heavy duty lined gloves. As for hats three of those seemed to have vanished, too. A gray fleece hat, a brown one and a very nice North Face maroon striped one.

Maybe the sock monster got tired of living in the laundry room upstairs and moved to the hall closet downstairs to munch on some winter gear. Or maybe I need to teach a certain kidlet if she borrows something of mom's she needs to put it back where she found it!

Back to the standard routine today. Yesterday I volunteered at school so that threw everything off. I've got kidlets to school, words to write and another guest blog to submit.

I haven't posted any pictures, but we've had Grand Finale, a Norwegian Elkhound puppy, since Wednesday. We'll have her a few more days. It's going well. She's not as much work as Nicki was. I have a feeling that's more of an age thing than anything else. We're having a lot of fun with her!

What's going on with you?

Monday, November 28, 2011

My LOLcat and Guest Blogging

I usually post LOLcats from icanhascheezburger but today I had to use this one instead. My friend, Sherri, who is not only a great climber but a very talented and amazing artist, made this LOLcat for me. Isn't it cute?

Hubby took the pic yesterday. That's our kitten Beauty in Rose's baby stroller. A few hours after I'd uploaded the pic to Facebook, Sherri "fixed" the picture for me and placed it on my wall. My own personal LOLcat photo. I love it! A big thank you, Sherri!

Today I'm guest blogging at Me, My Muse and I. I'm talking about the research I did for my heroine's career as a firefighter paramedic and volunteer mountain rescuer. I'm also giving away a $10 Amazon gift certificate to one commenter there. I'm not sure how long Jennifer, the blog owner, will be running the contest, but be sure to post a comment so you're entered.

You still have until the end of the month to enter my giveaway for a $10 Amazon gift certificate here on this blog. Each comment gets you an entry. Check back on December 1st to see if you won.

I can't believe Advent has started and December is almost here! But I have my candles, wreath and most importantly for the kidlets, their chocolate Advent calendars.

I also want to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday if she's reading this! I love you! 

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Purrfect Rescue

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My current release, Firefighter Under the Mistletoe features both a hero and heroine who are firefighters. I'm always on the lookout now for fun firefighter stories and I found one yesterday on a cat group I belong to.

On Thanksgiving Day, a kitten got stuck in a pipe in El Cajon, California. For three hours, firefighting crews, police and Emergency Animal Rescue worked to free the cat. Here's a link to the East County Magazine story on it if you prefer reading to watching.

This first clip is from ABC in LA. It's short and to the point.

If you want to see more, here's a newsfeed of the rescue. It's longer, over seven minutes, of raw footage.

A great story! Firefighters and cats are a perfect combination. Well, at least us crazy cat ladies think so. And of course, I love happy endings!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Black Friday

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I wasn't quite pummeled by Black Friday shopping, but I sorta looked like this cat by the time I'd gotten home! I'd done two blocks of bargain shopping, one in the morning and then again in the afternoon. In between, I ordered items on-line that needed to be sent to family and friends. Shopping overkill for sure, but I really did get some amazing deals!

Of course, I was so tired. I worked on a guest blog for Monday last night (they'll be a $10 Amazon gift certificate giveaway there, too!) and watched a new Hallmark Christmas movie, my first of the season. It was very reminiscent of Miracle on 34th Street with a struggling lawyer (widowed with a young daughter) taking on Santa Claus as a client. It was cute.

We're having fun with Grand Finale, the Norwegian Ekhound puppy who is staying with us. She wasn't sure what was going on Wednesday night when she arrived, but she's settling in nicely. Boy, is she cute. I'll get some pics up this coming week. It's just been so busy around here with the holiday I haven't had time.

Today is all about writing and cleaning! The house is slowly getting there. We don't start decorating until after Advent begins. That begins tomorrow. I doubt I'll be ready, but I will have my advent wreath and candles ready so we can light them tomorrow evening.

What are you up to?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

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I didn't have any help this morning when I hit the stores to find some bargains, but I did get some interesting texts while waiting to check out. Turns out Yoda is back to his old playing with the curtains in the bathroom and knocked the rod and drapes into the bathtub! Hubby was amused. By the time I got home everything was back to normal.

My sister took Mackenna and my niece out shopping last night. They started at 9 pm at Toys R Us. They finally got home at 3 am. They slept and are now back out there. I didn't wake up that early. I got to the stores around 7. I'm definitely out of early shopping mode and routine since I've been on deadline the last couple of years. But I still managed to find what I was looking for!

I've been shopping in person and on-line since I turned in the proposal on Sunday night and have put a huge dent into my list. I heard from my editor yesterday and she likes it. Huge sigh of relief.

How are you spending today?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I have much to be grateful for especially my family, friends and readers! Today, I'm looking forward to spending time with my family, eating turkey and pouring over sale flyers! I hope you have a wonderful day! I'd love to hear how you'll be spending your turkey day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


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I know I complain about things (lack of sleep, deadlines, weight, left arm, etc.) but I truly am blessed and feel thankful for all I have. Not everyone is so fortunate.

The video below came across my Facebook wall yesterday. It was posted by my wonderful friend Tiffany, who has lost a couple of good friends to breast cancer.

If you have a minute, okay four minutes, please watch the video below. The reason? I'm pasting this from the video's page on You Tube:
Help us hit 5 million views by December 13, 2011! When this video reaches 5 million page views, UnitedHealthcare of Pennsylvania will donate $50,000, to the Philadelphia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to empower the fight against breast cancer. Please help us achieve this goal by clicking the "share" link above to tell your friends about this video via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

For the first million views, UHC has already contributed $100,000 for this inspiring, powerful campaign.

Thank you for your support!

If you could share this on Facebook, Twitter and/or your blog, that would be awesome. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Frontal Attack

funny pictures - Practicing for the post Thanksgiving recovery
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On the cat front, I saw a Huffington Post article on a cat group I belong to about a blind kitty named Oskar. They included this video of the kitten learning to play with toys. So cute!

On the book front, I was on twitter when a link to an awesome review of Firefighter Under the Mistletoe on Harlie's Book Blog came across my @mentions. I don't get reviewed very often. I'll usually get a couple amazon reviews, a mention in Dru's book blog and RT so it's really exciting when someone I don't know takes the time to post a review! Needless to say I was smiling all day yesterday!

On the writing business front, I got amazon gift cards sent. Am pulling together all the RTC requests and wins. I also realized I'd never sent in my RITA books to be judged. Oops.Now to figure out what books go where and find them all! I also realized I owe some guest blogs. Those will be top on my list after getting some words written on the continuity.

On the holiday front, I bought a couple Christmas presents yesterday. A couple of places had Monday-Tuesday specials going on so I took advantage of the sales. I was starting to feel some pressure since I'd done almost nothing except for a present I'd purchased a couple of months ago. Several of our neighbors have their lights and trees up. That's way too soon for me.

What are you up to?

Monday, November 21, 2011


funny pictures - My  official  Monday  face
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Yeah, this pretty much sums up my face this morning! I'm tired, but happy the proposal is off. Of course, I still need to finish writing the book. But that'll give me something to do while I wait for feedback from my editor.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo this month, but my word count is pathetic (22K) considering this is the final week. But that's what happens with deadlines. There are all these write-ins and gatherings where I live, but I haven't had time to participate. One of these years, I'm going to have to schedule a free November so I can really do it right.

Now that I have one month without a deadline, I'll be pulling out my To Do list. I'm still in denial that Thanksgiving is on Thursday and Advent starts Sunday, but I'll just have to suck it up and get into holiday mode in the next couple of days. I never managed to get caught up. I have contest prizes to send, books and RTCs to get in the mail. I also have a house that desperately needs cleaning. Hubby did a bunch yesterday which was so awesome. He's off all week so we should get a lot crossed off!

Hope you have a nice Monday!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random Sunday

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I've always said my life could be summed up by LOLcat pics which is why I usually post one each day. Today is no different. The above pic equals Spirit. That expression matches hers right now. She is not a happy cat, with understandable reasons, and I do believe if she had the opportunity to kill us or at least a few of us, she would without any hesitation. Sigh... Animals and kidlets always make things interesting around here!

Finn's soccer team suffered a hard loss yesterday in the semi-finals. They played well. But after two OT periods, it went down to penalty kicks. One of his team missed a shot. Game and season over.

Yoda and his box
Yoda has discovered a new favorite place. It's a Wizards of Waverly place shoebox complete with a pic of Selena Gomez on it. A very cool box actually. (Please ignore the mess around him. One of the cats knocked everything off my desk. Paper, books, contracts, you name it. I've yet to have time to clean it all up, but that's on my To Do list once the proposal is off!)

The only problem with Yoda's box is it's on the small, size 1 1/2. We all think he needs a bigger box. I'm guessing he needs at least a size 4 maybe larger to fit comfortably. We've put others out for him, but this is the one he likes. The sides of the boxes are starting to cave in a little, too.

But he's happy so that's all that matters.

I need to get writing. I have to send off my proposal tonight. I'm still working on the synopsis and polishing the chapters. Hope you have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A cold, rainy day

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This kitty has the right idea for the weather around here. My son's soccer team is in the semifinals of the end of the season tournament. Of course, the game will be played in the rain with temperatures in the thirties. Brrrr. I've pulled out my winter gear and dug out my rainproof pants. At least I'll be warm and dry. Just need to find an umbrella. I'd rather not have rain dripping on me for the entire game! I'd much prefer if it was going to snow, but the temperature right now is 38 degrees so not cold enough.

The dog show yesterday went well. Mackenna got fourth. It was a long day and an even longer drive home in the rain. We got home around 9:30 pm.

I did get some work done, but my proposal (that was originally due on the 31st) is due on Monday morning so besides the soccer game (and another if they win today) and church, I'll be spending my weekend writing. I was supposed to host Thanksgiving, but my mom offered because I'm so busy right now.

I'm absolutely stunned Thanksgiving is coming up. Black Friday, too. Where has the month gone? All the Christmas decorations and carols playing on the radio are freaking me out a little. I'm so not ready for it to be the holidays! How about you?

Friday, November 18, 2011

On The Road

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I wasn't quite as messy as this kitty eating my breakfast this morning, but mine sure tasted good. Why? My mom made it! I spent the night at my parents' house and when I woke up my mom wanted to know what I wanted for breakfast.

Why am I not at home today?

I headed out last night with two Jr. Handlers (one being my daughter) and two dogs (one being my dog.) There's a dog show in Roseburg, Oregon today. With all the rain we're having, I thought it might be a good idea to break up the drive so we're staying at my parents. I'll drive the entire way home later tonight.

By staying with my folks, it also means I get a little extra time to write without being surrounded by dogs and noise at the show! Still playing catch up with my word count!

How are you spending your Friday?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crazy Busy

Funny Pictures - The Most Interesting Cat in the World
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This pic pretty much sums up the past couple of days. I have so much to do, but it never fails a cat, dog or kidlet needs something right when I should be heading out the door or doing something else. Heaven forbid someone should actually want to talk to me on the telephone. That's when everyone, two or four footed, needs me right then! I'm thinking another getaway to the coast is in order if only I had time! LOL!

How is your day going?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An early winter?

funny pictures - Your leaves all got into one pile somehow...  So I spread them back out for you.
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My cats don't go outside, but there helpful like this when it comes to folded laundry I've left on the bed, paper I want to put away or recycle and piles of books.

The weather is changing here in the Pacific Northwest. It's getting downright chilly. There's a prediction of snow this weekend. We're not high enough for it to reach us, but I have a feeling we're going to need to bundle up for soccer and not all of us are going to want to attend the game! My son's team won their flight (division) so is playing in the semi-final of an end of the season tournament. They will be playing a local rival.

Yesterday was spent driving and having to write on my Alphasmart while waiting for kidlets. I'm in catch up mode. I'm currently two weeks behind where I want to be. The goal is to be all caught up by December 1. Otherwise, I won't be able to take the time off I planned for Christmas. That would not be good.

I better get to it while only the animals are up! Well, and hubby. But he's locked away in his office on a conference call. I won't see him for hours!

What is hour Wednesday going to be like?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goodbye Puppy!

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One of our four-footed cuties will be leaving us today—Nicki. I'll be taking the cute little Norwegian Elkhound puppy to her mommy.

We've had so much fun having a puppy around. Chaos has, too! They have been so cute together.

The cats, however, will be happy to have free reign of the house back. They've been staying upstairs. Rocket, who prefers the downstairs, just stairs longingly from the banister.

Getting this puppy experience has been great for us. We weren't dog people until adopting Chaos so have lots of learning still to do. Puppies are a whole new world.

We did better with the potty training yesterday, too. Amazing the things you can learn by googling!  Only a couple of piddles to deal with so definite progress.

Nicki will be missed. The house will definitely be quieter without her!

With puppies the main topic of discussion around here, I wanted to share this link with you from the Times-Gazette in Hillsboro, Ohio. It's about a dog, a Saint Bernard named Hercules, who was adopted and what he did a few hours later. A great read!

Hope you have a nice Tuesday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Puppy Cuteness!

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Too cute! Our Norwegian Elkhound puppy visitor aka Nicki has been pretty cute herself. Well, except for the barking. She barks a lot more than Chaos. But then she'll settle down.

So sweet!

That's Chaos' pillow, but she's been so good with the puppy. They are getting along even better than the first time Nicki and Pink Puppy were here before.

We've still had a few piddles and poops to pick up, but we've been working on potty training with her. We're a bit confused about puppy brain, too. Not sure why when we take her outside and she goes only to have her go again as soon as she gets inside the house. The same thing happened after a nice walk last night. But we keep at it!

Not sure how long we'll have Nicki, but we're enjoying our time with her!

Hope you have a great Monday! I'm hoping to finish up the rest of the continuity proposal.  What about you?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Craft Kitty

funny pictures - I SED NO PEEKING  MAI PROJEKT!
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This picture reminds me so much of Rocket. Not the color and appearance of the kitty, but the way the cat is lying on whatever project is being worked on. Rocket is my craft kitty. Whenever I get crafty, he is right there.

His favorite thing is the sewing machine. He loves when I pull that out. I don't know if it's the fabric scraps, the up and down motion of the needle or what, but he's right there watching and getting in the way the entire time.

He also loves when I scrapbook. All those scraps of paper! He likes to see what I'm doing though so that makes the papercutter a little tricky at times. Of course, he likes to lie on the paper which is always challenging. That's one reason he's not allowed in the room when I have to wrap a present. It just takes to long with his help!

I wish I was doing something crafty today, but I'm working on my new proposal while the kids are at a swim meet this morning with hubby. It's just me and the animals at home. I should get a lot done. Well, if they let me.

What are you doing today?

Saturday, November 12, 2011


funny pictures - Body Pillows. I has dem.
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I see pictures like this and wish my animals would sleep together. I would love to come home one day to find the dog and the cats all cuddled together like this. Highly doubtful, but one can hope!

A while ago I posted the Kittywood Studios who made cat videos. This one is the advertising version. Check it out.

It's cute, but I like the Kittywood Studios one better.

Which one do you like better?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day!

funny pictures - *CAUSE THAT WOULD BE A PROBLEM.*
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A big thank you to all the Veterans who have done so much for us!

I saw this on Facebook last night. Given the dog's name is "Tank," I thought it would be good to use today! Enjoy!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday! I've got my hands full with Nicki the puppy and a bunch of other stuff going on today.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Return of the Puppy

Funny Pictures - Cute Kittens
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I imagine the pic above is what my kitties are going to be doing very soon. Nicki, one of the Norwegian Elkhound puppies we watched a few weeks ago, returns today for a few more days. She needs a little more exposure to different things before she goes to her family to live happily ever after.

The cats tolerate Chaos.(That's putting it nicely.) Last time the puppies were here, the cats did not come downstairs. I'm guessing it'll be the same thing this time! Which will not please the cats since they like to be with us. Okay, me!

This morning I'm off on a field trip with my youngest. We're going to a Rock Museum. I've heard it's a cool place so looking forward to it.

What's going on with you?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Who ate...?

funny pictures - Marshmallows
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The big discussion around our house is who's been eating the kidlets' Halloween candy. One clue... it didn't start disappearing until a certain someone returned from his business trip! At least the kids' reactions weren't like some of these from the Jimmy Kimmel show:

Hope you have a great Wednesday! It's a typical crazy day for me, but after having the last two Wednesdays off, I'm ready for it!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ring o' Cats

funny pictures - Sorry Tolkien!
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I love this pic! I can't imagine my cats eating in ring like this (nor do I have enough though I guess they could be points on a triangle), but I wish they would! It's so cute. Bet all those bowls fill an entire dishwasher.

Last night we had an extra dog in the house. It was so fun. Astra, a Norwegian Elkhound, is going to be Rose's dog for 4H so on Mondays she'll be here. It was so cute how Astra followed Chaos around. They got along great. The one thing Astra wouldn't do it go upstairs. She wanted no part of that!

This week is all about playing catch up. I had some extra revisions to do on my soccer book last week and with being sick the week before, I'm behind on my proposal. I also have a newsletter to finish for the Norwegian Elkhound group I belong to. As well as a lesson for the Wednesday class at church. Plus I still have Romance Trading Cards to mail out and contest prizes!

I wanted to remind new blog readers about the free on-line read I wrote for eHarlequin last year. It's a short eight chapter novella called Snow-Kissed Romance set on Mount Hood and takes place in November. My heroine, Leanne Thomas, from my new release Firefighter Under the Mistletoe appears in one of the chapters. You can read it here.

Have a nice Tuesday!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Cats and Jack

funny pictures - Ah, quit your screaming.
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Today I'm guest blogging at Long and Short Reviews. Stop by LASR and say hi! Here's the link.

A friend from high school posted a link to this Simon's Cat cartoon on my Facebook wall this morning. It pretty much shows what I go through when I try to write. The only difference is I have more cats and a dog to deal with! Enjoy!

On a sadder note, Jack the Cat who was lost at JFK had to be euthanized yesterday. His condition had worsened and he was suffering. I'm so sad for his owner Karen and his aunt Mary Beth and all the Friends of Jack who have been praying and pulling for this kitty since he went missing in late August.

Here's a link to a picture of the Karen and Jack taken on Saturday. Having been through this recently with Smalls, my heart is breaking for her. I can't imagine the emotion of having lost Jack, then found him, only to lose him again.  I really thought he would pull through.

Jack pulled people together from all over the world. The Friends of Jack (FOJ) are a group of strangers who came together because of a lost cat. So far the likes on Jack's Facebook page are over 24K and growing. They searched for him at JFK, contacted businesses around JFK, saved cats rounded up by the Port Authority during the search for Jack, prayed for him  and yesterday, when the news was posted, cried.

Now is time for mourning, but this incident as well as American Airlines response to Jack being lost isn't going to be forgotten by the Friends of Jack. Calls for reform to the transport of animals by airlines have begun. According to Mary Beth, Jack's aunt who was also the administrator on the Facebook page, a website is going to be created in addition to keeping Jack's page going.

RIP Jack. I hope you know how many people love you! We were praying and pulling for you, handsome boy. You will live on with all of us who have been touched by your story and with those JFK cat who have now found forever homes because of you! I've been imagining you playing with Smalls and Lil' Pumpkin at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you're having fun!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Release Party and Giveaway!

funny pictures - WATCHA DOING?
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If you're not doing too much and have time, be sure to stop by the Goddess Fish Party Pavilion. Today I'm there with nine other authors celebrating our November releases. I've written four posts about Firefighter Under the Mistletoe that will be posted throughout the day.

The gracious ladies at Goddess Fish are giving away a $10 gift certificate to one commenter so if you head over there, be sure to comment! Each post gets you an entry so comment away on the various authors' posts!

I will be checking in there as I can. I have a swim meet to attend in the early morning so hoping I'll have the right connection so I can comment via my iPhone!

What are you up to today?

Saturday, November 05, 2011


funny pictures - Do you know the password?  Seriously, I can't get out of here!
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This picture is perfect for the morning I had. One of my kitties needed a password this morning!

When I woke up and went downstairs to feed the cats, one was missing. Given this was Rocket, my fat cat, who lives for his wet food I knew something was wrong. I did a quick search of the house. No Rocket. I grabbed a bag of treats and shook it as I made another pass. Still nothing.

My concern ratcheted. Rocket is the kind of cat who would never pass up a treat.

I phoned hubby who was already at a swim meet with our youngest. No he hadn't seen Rocket this morning. No he hadn't opened any doors to the outside except when they'd left. And no Rocket hadn't been there to get out.

I was pretty confident Rocket was in the house, but where. Even though we keep most of the doors shut to keep the cats out of the kids room and playroom, I went through the entire upstairs and looked in each closet. I checked under beds and on window sills, shaking the treat bag the entire time.

I called hubby again a little more panicked. He said to check under the buffet in the dining room. It's built-in, but there is a little space.

As I got closer to it, I shook the treats and yelled his name. I heard a noise. I knew it wasn't Yoda, who had been following me around on my search. He doesn't make a lot of sounds. I called again. This time I heard Rocket's distinct meow. It was coming from inside the buffet.


I opened the doors and he jumped out. Meowing and not looking too happy. He is the kind of cat who likes sleep inside things, but I guess he must have gotten trapped somehow last night or this morning! Poor baby. He's not happy, either. When I tried to pick him up he hissed.

But he's had his wet food and some treats. A nap, and I hope he'll be back to his old self.

Hope you have a nice Saturday!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Links

Funny Pictures - Cute Kittens
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It's been crazy this week. Halloween, more revisions, proposal writing, sick kidlets, grieving kidlets, and traveling spouse. Needless to say, I'm ready for the weekend.

Here are some links I came across this week that I thought I'd share. Enjoy!

If you have been following the tale of Jack the Cat who was lost at JFK, here's one of the better articles on him since he fell through the ceiling into the customs' office at Terminal 8.

A video clip from 2006 about an autistic basketball player came across my FB page. Somehow I'd missed it when it first went around. Given my life and age of my kids back then, I'm not surprised! So I googled to see if it was on YouTube and found this. Definitely worth watching. I also found a follow-up article on the from ESPN written in 2008 here.

For all you cat lovers, this might be old news, but I found a new-to-me website called Life with Cats. You can check it out here.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Random Thursday

funny pictures - I haz an   emergency exit
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This pic makes me think of both Yoda and Spirit. Spirit was the first kitty to sleep inside the box spring. Yoda has followed suit and still naps inside there!

A big thank you to all who purchased my new release, Firefighter Under the Mistletoe. It's always fun to watch a book climb on Amazon's Kindle sales ranking after it goes on sale!

I'm rewriting the new chapter I added to the soccer book today, then I'll go back to work on the continuity book. I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month with it, but have yet to add any words due to revisions on my revisions. I'm going to have lots of writing to do to catch up and have 50K by the end of the month.

We watched Once Upon a Time again on Sunday night. That's become our family show to watch together and the one show a week I watch. The kids really like it. I'm curious to see what they do with it since I love fairytales. Hubby thinks it'll be canceled.

Here's a humorous article from Guest of a Guest about Things that Began and Ended in 72 days (think the recent Kardashian-Humphreys marriage!) They include Jack the Cat on page 4!

Not much else going on except I need to get the Halloween decorations down. But it's been raining, and I haven't been all that motivated to do it especially in the rain. Maybe this weekend!

Remember to check out the contest page on how to win some gift cards this month!

Anything random going on with you?

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Puppy takes a train ride!

funny pictures - It's ok .Nobody saw. Nobody will ever know
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I love this cat's expression! As soon as I saw this LOLcat this morning, I thought about an article one of my Facebook friends had posted on my wall last week while I was stuck in bed. This is what she wrote with it:
Trains. Firefighters. Puppy. Happy Ending. Thought this might be a good story since you are sickly.
It was a good story though I don't know how the puppy could have found her way to the top of the boxcar by herself since it took firefighters and a ladder to get her down. It was a very good thing someone saw her up there.

The story made the rounds last week, but it's worth a read if you haven't heard about it. The article is exactly what she said it would be, puppy being the key word. Well, and firefighters! Here's the link to the story on Huff Post Green.

And here's a news report about the incident. You can also hear the 911 call:

Hope you have a nice Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Release day!

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If you're looking for a Christmas romance novel to sink your teeth into, you're in luck! Today my latest Harlequin Romance Firefighter Under the Mistletoe hits the shelves.

Here's the back cover copy:
Christmas magic in Hood Hamlet...

For Leanne, infuriatingly charming firefighter Christian Welton is out of bounds. Not only is he too young for her, but his trail of broken hearts is legendary. Leanne's fought hard to be one of the boys, and won't let anyone see that Christian's smile makes her want to melt into his arms!

Christian wanted to discover the softer side of the tough-talking paramedic, but hasn't counted on how much the real Leanne affects him. He's vowed never to settle down, but under the mistletoe it's certainly the season to be tempted.…

Firefighter Under the Mistletoe received a 4 from RT Book Reviews. Here's what the reviewer had to say:
FIREFIGHTER UNDER THE MISTLETOE (4) by Melissa McClone: Great chemistry between primary and secondary characters and a detailed rescue narrative bring this story to life. McClone revisits characters from previous novels without slowing the pace. When rescue paramedic and firefighter Leanne Thomas saves her colleague Christian Welton and his cousin after a skiing accident, unexpected sparks fly. The slow admission of their feelings fits well for a romance set in a male-dominated workplace. The revelation of past trauma in Leanne’s life makes her a character that readers will care about.

Reviewed By: Roseann Marlett
For more info about the book and an excerpt, click here.

This title is part of my Hood Hamlet series featuring mountain rescuers on Mount Hood. Each book is stand-alone, but share the same setting and cast of characters. Firefighter Under the Mistletoe features paramedic Leanne Thomas who was first introduced in my November 2008 release Rescued by the Magic of Christmas. She also appeared in my free eHarlequin on-line read Snow-kissed Reunion. Both Leanne and firefighter Christian Welton appear in my 2011 RITA® finalist book Christmas Magic on the Mountain.

I haven't forgotten that today is also the day I announce my October contest winner. The winner is Jackie S., who won with her comment on my post titled Fashion Fun with Scarves. Jackie, please use the contact button on the menu bar above to send my your email address as well as tell me if you want a $10 gift certificate to Amazon or Borders. You have seven days to contact me or I'll pick another winner. Thanks to all who entered!

Be sure to check my contest and news pages for what's going on to celebrate my new release! Remember a blog comment gets you an entry into my monthly giveaway here at the website. A new contest begins today!