Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Wednesday

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The above pic could be one of my cats or one of my kids. Each of them wants everything for themselves. It's kind of cute with the kitties. Not so much with the kidlets, especially if it's something that plugs into the wall or has batteries.

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but we were hoping to wake up to snow. We all wore our pajamas inside out which has worked in the past. But no snow in our neck of the woods, but other areas did get some white stuff. A few school districts are even closed.

I wrote a Dear Reader letter last night for my continuity book. I want to read it over one more time before I send it off to my editor. Then I'm continuing work on the new proposal. I'll be revising chapter two and starting chapter three. It'll be interesting to see how I feel about the story after a couple of weeks away from it. I planned to work on it yesterday, but had too much other stuff to do.

Hubby, oldest daughter and I took a tour of our local public high school yesterday. My daughter will be in ninth grade in the fall and no longer wants to be homeschooled. She and her siblings attend a program two days a week, but she's ready to go to school full-time. I'm fine with that decision, but I want to make sure she's at the right school. We're waiting to hear if she gets accepted into one. It's been awhile since I'd walked through the halls of a high school, but I was amazed how big it was and how nice. The cafeteria seemed more like a mall food court. Lots of different foods to choose from.

My kids were dialing fiends last night after American Idol ended. Each wanted to vote for their favorite guy singer. I won't tell you how many times my thirteen year old voted, but it's significantly more times than she's ever voted before. No wonder sometimes the results seemed a little skewed and off. Figure out who the teenagers faves are and that's who'll get through.

Well, it's my busy day of the week so I'd better get to it. Anything random you want to share?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty much...

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The pic above pretty much sums up the way I feel. You wouldn't think sitting on a bleacher seat for three days would be exhausting, but it really way. Maybe it was being away from home or all the driving or feeling guilty I couldn't also be at Mackenna's dog show or trying to revise my manuscript surrounded by crowds at the pool. Volunteering yesterday just added the the tiredness.

Someone asked in the comment section how my son did at the meet. I'm very proud of him. His 11-12 year old relay team placed in at least two of their events. If I wrote down the time correctly and they didn't DQ, they also did this in a third, but I haven't been able to confirm it yet. That means top 8! Woo-hoo. Individually, he didn't make any finals (top 8), but we weren't expecting him, too. He lowered his times in about half of his races which was the goal of the weekend.

When he wasn't at the pool, we took advantage of our free time. He was completely captivated by the in-room Jacuzzi tub. I think we could have fit his relay time in there! So after each day of swimming he soaked in there with the jets blowing. We saw Star Wars Phantom Menace in 3D on day and went out to eat at the Flat Tail Brewpub one night with a few families from his swim team.

Unfortunately, I forgot to pack my computer power cord so I didn't blog and wasn't able to type in my revisions as I finished each chapter. It made for a very long Sunday night!

At the same time we were in Corvallis, my daughter and dog, Chaos, were in Albany at a dog show. A friend and my parents helped get them to and from the show each day. I was fortunate to be able to see her compete on Sunday! But it was hard not being there the entire time, but this is the biggest swim meet of the year and I needed to be there with Finn. It's weekends like this where I wish I could clone myself!

Hubby held down the fort at home with the youngest and the cats since he needed to work on Friday. He kept sending me pics of the cats. For someone who says he doesn't like them much, he sure takes a lot of photos of them!

Before I go back to sleep sign off, if you live in the Portland Metro Area and love books, be sure to click on this link to get a 30% off coupon at Powell Books. It's good today from 5-9 pm. I found out about this from one of my favorite couponing sites Frugal Living NW!
Have a relaxing Tuesday!

Monday, February 27, 2012


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We're home from Corvallis. I forgot my power cord so was computerless for the weekend. The swim meet was fun. I managed to get my revisions finished and sent off around 1:30 am. That means I'm tired. Of course, today is my day to volunteer at school. Better get going.

Hope you have a nice Monday!

Friday, February 24, 2012


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My son is competing at the Short Course Championships this weekend so I'm with him in Corvallis while hubby holds the fort at home. We have a nice room. There's a huge jacuzzi tub in the room. Finn can't wait to try it out.

He's very excited to compete. In July, he was supposed to compete in the Long Course Championships, but broke his arm at a a soccer tournament so couldn't swim. It's been slow for him coming back and he still hasn't hit a couple of times he'd made before, but he still managed to qualify for more individual events than he's allowed to swim. That's enabled him to spread out his swims.

This format is different than last years' championship. They swim preliminary heats in the morning, then finals later. He's going to have to drop significant amounts of time if he wants to make the finals, but no matter how he swims we're proud he qualified and is here competing.

Our morning is starting really early so I'd better get going. I'll be breathing in chlorine fumes and going through a polish read of my continuity revisions in between Finn's heats. What are you up to?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Cover!

funny pictures - Mr Jingles cared nothing for the game, he was on a mission. The ball had to die.
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This LOLcat brought back memories of various sporting events when an animal got loose on the field. But I always figured they ran crazily because of fear, not because they had a mission!

Speaking of sports, I received the cover to my soccer book that'll be out in May.

Here's the back cover copy:

The return of her favorite rebel…

Lucy Martin’s dream of marrying her Prince Charming might
have fallen apart, but she’s determined to make her soccer-mad
nephew’s dreams come true. But that means asking her old crush
Ryland James, the legendary bad boy of soccer, to coach her
nephew’s team.

Injured and ordered to polish his tarnished reputation, Ryland’s
looking for distraction. Coaching might be more involvement
than he likes, but with gorgeous Lucy offering cookies as a bribe
he can’t resist! This soccer superstar might have met his perfect
match…if he can convince the once-burnt, twice-wary Lucy to
get back in the game.…

I'm busy typing in revisions. It's coming along and is a stronger story after my editor's feedback. I just need a few more hours to get the final 70 pages inputted. I always end up rewriting more than what's in the revision letter. Once I finish inputting changes, I'll print the manuscript again and do another pass.

I also have to pack. I'm taking my son to his short-course swim championship meet aka "State" even though it's not quite the entire state. The two of us are going on our own as we did last year for Sectionals. It'll be nice to have some mom-son time!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

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Fat Tuesday was quiet around here. No regrets like the kitty above. I enjoyed a big bowl of Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream. That was about as exciting as it got. Though I did get my haircut and went even shorter this time. Perfect to show off the ashes I received at Mass this morning!

I'm giving up dessert this Lent. Gluten, too, except for Communion host. But giving up gluten isn't really a sacrifice. It's more of a health thing for me. I feel much better when it's not part of my diet. Are you giving anything up for Lent?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


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This LOLcat cracked me up. A couple of my friends have had their accounts hijacked by either friends or family. Suddenly their relationship statuses change and whatever their status message won't sound like them. It happened to one of my friends who is a Twilight die-hard. Her son wrote that she didn't really like the new movie. Of course, that sounded nothing like her. It was funny to see what happened when she realized what was going on.

So far it hasn't happened to me. Fingers crossed it doesn't. Have you ever had your account hijacked or known someone who that happened to?

This morning Rose and I are going on a field trip to Bonneville Dam for science. We were supposed to do this before, but that was a day it snowed so the trip was postponed.

Have a nice day!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Smelling Roses

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Today should be a stop and smell the roses day, a day off to just relax and have some fun. The kidlets have some ideas what they would like to do, but I still need to get a few things done before anything else can happen. They also have some schoolwork to do.

I'm sure I'll be called the meanest mom in the world at some point today. But I always tell the kids if they fall behind they won't get days off. They'll complain, pout, tell me no other kid is doing school today, say I'm mean, and then we can get a few subjects finished.

After that, we'll have to see what kind of roses the kids want to smell. With three, they often want to do very different things, but all agreed they might want to see a movie today. The question is will it be the same movie they all want to see!

Any big plans for you today?

Sunday, February 19, 2012


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This is how I wish I were spending my Sunday. But after attending two of my son's soccer games yesterday, I'll be skipping the one he's playing this morning so I can work on my continuity revisions.

So far it's going well. But I'm sure there will be a bit of this...


And this, too.

funny pictures - ~ NO KITTEH LABOR LAWS? ~

What are you doing today?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What I Really Do...

funny pictures - What People Think I Do vs. What I Really Do: Cat Lady
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So these What I Really Do memes have been making the rounds of Facebook. The first one I saw (or maybe it was the first one I noticed!) was this Romance Writer one made by author Karin Kallmaker. It made me smile, and I had to share it on my page!

Then they kept coming and coming. Each time I check my Facebook wall I see another one. Some are definitely better and more clever than others, but my favorite one came across yesterday by the Humane Society of the Pikes Peaks. I don't know if they created it or were sharing themselves, but I'm happy to attribute credit to if someone else made this so just let me know. It's called Shelter Pets:

Isn't this one awesome? I love it so much.

Have you come across any good memes lately?

Friday, February 17, 2012


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I love cupcakes. My cat Spirit loves them, too. The popularity of cupcakes keeps increasing. I've lost count of the number of cupcake shops in the Portland area.

Saint Cupcake was where we went after seeing a show at the Northwest Children's Theater. Great cupcakes. So tasty we'd have to take a box home with us. Too bad for us the bakery moved to bigger digs in downtown Portland. I've heard it's nice with an expanded menu, but I haven't been to the new store yet. I don't get to that part of town much.

One fun thing we've been doing is making our own cupcakes. The kids love to bake. I bought one of those mini-muffin pans in December so they could start making the bite-sized size ones. Usually the frosting is pretty basic, maybe some sprinkles, colored sugar or mini-M&Ms. I'm waiting for the day they want to start getting more creative with them.

Have you seen the cupcake decorating books and blogs that are out there? All I can say is wow!

A few years ago, a friend used Hello Cupcake, a cookbook, to make Wizard of Oz themed cupcakes for a birthday party. I was amazed at what you could do with fondant and some other things. I watched her make a Ruby Slipper. Talk about a time commitment!

This morning on one of my writing loops a link to a blog with Harlequin Romance Novel Cupcakes appeared. Very cute! The blog called The Decorated Cookie is run by Meaghan Mountford, the author of the book Sugarlicious. The book is published by my publisher Harlequin so that's where the romance covers came in. I was thinking it would be a neat promo to use my titles of books on cupcakes like this, but then again the time it would take would probably outweigh the benefit. (This was the lesson I took away from my various promo efforts in 2011.)

I love looking at all the amazing cupcakes in books and on blogs. All of the creative combination of flavors is interesting, but I'll be honest. When it comes to cupcakes, I much prefer eating regular type ones. My fave is chocolate cake with either a white or chocolate buttercream icing.

What about you? What's your fave type of cupcake? And have you seen any amazing designs that blew you away?

Thursday, February 16, 2012


funny pictures - Cutest.  Bath.  EVAR!!!!1
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The above kitty is too cute! I had to do a double-take when I first saw this because the cat looked like a stuffed animal the first time I saw this!

Our cats do not like baths. Mackenna found a spray shampoo that's she's been trying with them. When we went to Great Wolf Lodge, a couple of them decided not to groom themselves for some reason (most likely they were mad at us even though they had someone taking care of them) so they needed some extra grooming help.

Mackenna is getting good at grooming the dog, too. With all the showing she does in the Jr. Handler Ring and 4H, she's learned how to get Chaos ready herself. That saves so much money, plus it's good experience for her if she ever wants to work for a professional dog handler in the future.

I've been busy working on revisions. I liked the book when I submitted it in January, but it's always fun to revisit a story and make it better. It always amazes me what typos make it through even after a critique partner and I have looked at the pages!

Today is my rescheduled lunch with my friend Tiffany. I can't wait. Do you have any plans?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We're cool

funny pictures - The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
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This pic is so like my cats and dog. Chaos is tormented on a daily basis by the cats yet she doesn' t hesitate to help one out if needed. She's come to the rescue of Beauty when Yoda was playing a little too rough for Chaos' liking. She's also helped me find a missing kitty when they end up in a closet or cupboard somewhere.

I hope you have a great Wednesday. Mine will be typical, very busy. But I'm looking forward to it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

If you're an eBook reader, lots of authors seem to be having sales or giveaways on their novels so be sure to go to your fave authors Facebook pages or check Amazon and

If you're in the UK, my book Not-So-Perfect Princess is part of Mills & Boon's 2 for 1 Pink Tuesday with Barbara Wallace's The Heart of the Hero!

We don't have any big plans today which is a-okay with me. How about you? Will you be doing anything special for Valentine's Day? I'd love to know how people are celebrating!

Monday, February 13, 2012

RIP Penny

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If I could make a wish today, it would be that the daughter of one of my readers, who has become of dear friend, wasn't hurting so much. Her cat, Penny, crossed the Rainbow Bridge early this morning.

Facebook allowed me to be a part of this journey, to read about when she first got Penny through her mother's status updates. I had to laugh when the cat would wake the daughter up through the night because that's what cats do. I enjoyed hearing about how things were going. I worried when I read Penny wasn't feeling well. I went to bed last night knowing the cat had been taken to an emergency vet, but I hadn't imagine the news I would wake up to. And now I grieve for the heartbreaking loss of a beloved cat named Penny.

Pets bring us so much joy, but with the good comes days like today. I still cry over my Smalls. Her ashes are on my nightstand, above where she used to take her naps. I can't help think about what might have been had Mursik, who we tried to adopt from the NY ACC but the rescue call went into too late and he was put to sleep, or had Pumpkin, the tiny stray cat my sister found, lived. I do know we would have never adopted Beauty had one of those two things happened. And I can't imagine our family without her.

I have to believe these animals come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes they are with us for a long time to give unconditional love and companionship for nearly a decade and a half as with Smalls. Sometimes they aren't with us at all, at least not physically, like with Mursik yet they touch our hearts and make us see the possibilities. And sometimes they are with us for a very short time like with Pumpkin who opened our hearts, helped us move beyond our loss over Smalls and bring another cat into our house.

RIP Penny. You won't be forgotten.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


funny pictures - People  finks  kittehs  hab  eezy  lifes.
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I had to laugh at this LOLcat. Yesterday, we returned home from a belated celebration for Rose's 9th birthday at Great Wolf Lodge, a really fun water park resort north of us. The cats' reactions were mixed on us being back.The kitten was thrilled. She ran around checking out the luggage and us. The older cats were mad. Even though they had a cat-sitter to take care of them, it's not the same as family. There were hisses, mean looks and outright ignoring of us.

I needed to go to Mass last night due to the a swim meet this morning. When we got home, something had changed. The older cats were now so happy to see us and all over me. Of course, it was dinner time by then. LOL! So typical. But they did plop themselves down next to me as I read over my revision letter again. And they were back in their same sleeping spots when it came time for bed.

As for our vacation, we've been to Great Wolf Lodge before, but only for a night each time. We stayed two nights this time so were there for three days. I have to admit it was really nice to have the extra time. We had fun, but also time to relax. I even roughed out a chapter on the new proposal. I didn't feel as we were trying to cram everything in and best, we weren't stuck camped out in the lobby the day we left in order to get in more waterslide rides. Since we're return visitors, we received gold VIP bracelets as well as an extra hour to check out in the morning. I'm not sure what that says about us since Great Wolf Lodge is the only place we've ever been VIPs!

My sister's family went with us. This was what my two nephews had wanted to do for their birthdays along with Rose. I think I wrote about that back in January when she turned nine and kept changing her mind about how she wanted to celebrate her birthday. My nephew Connor, who went to NYC with us last summer, invited a friend so there were 12 of us there to have fun together! And we did!

Rose had her first professional manicure at a kids' spa called Scoops. All the lotions and scrubs are ice cream flavored and she received a free ice cream when she was finished. It was very cute!

The kids had a blast playing Magic Quest. They carry magic wands and go around the hotel looking for clues. Their are journeys and adventures. Rose with hubby's help finished everything on Friday night. It wasn't her first time doing it, but she had so much fun. She proudly showed off her new pin and certificate. She was listed as #17 on the high point chart. She kept wanting to go back and defeat the dragon the rest of the weekend.

No matter what the age of the kidlet, they all enjoyed the arcade. I don't want to know how many dollars I handed out. But they came home with lots of little trinkets, a couple Angry Birds heads and fun memories so it was worth it.

Mackenna and my niece went to the Teen Lounge both nights and had fun playing video games, dancing and meeting other kids their ages. They are definitely growing up. This was the first time they didn't do Magic Quest.

The big draw, though, is the water park. The last time we were here they allowed plastic inner tubes in the wave pool. No longer. I'm guessing this is a safety issue. They have different kinds of slides and bigger rides. I enjoyed my talks with my sister while we sat in the hot tub. The kids were all about the Howling Tornado. I think they lost count on the number of times they rode it.

The only negative thing happened on our second day there. I had ordered her a Magic Quest birthday package for Rose before we arrived. When we got to our hotel room, there was a Great Wolf Lodge happy birthday poster on the door. She thought that was so cool and was excited to hang it on her bedroom wall when we got home! But the next morning her poster was gone. I called the front desk to see if housekeeping took them off the doors each morning, but no, it had been stolen. This seems to be something that happens regularly. At least that was the impression I received after talking to the gift shop who generously replaced Rose's poster. (We decided not to put the new one up.)

I must admit I'm still so surprised someone would steal a kid's birthday poster. It never crossed my mind to take it off the door before we went to bed. Part of the fun was having people wish her birthday as were were going into the room. Whoever took it was careful to take all the tape off, too, rather than rip it from the door. Oh, well...I guess they must have really wanted it for some reason.

Now that we're home, it's back to the same old same. Swim meet and futsal today for the kids. Writing and watching them for me. Sleeping and eating for the older cats. Playing, sleeping and eating for the younger cats.

What's up with you?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Aversion Therapy

funny pictures - This is called "aversion therapy." Not "torture." I'm gonna boop      your nose until you actually love it.
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The pic above reminds me of Yoda and now Beauty, who have done more than their share of aversion therapy with Chaos. The dog, being the trooper that she is and a lover of all cats, puts up with so much. But she loves her kitties so much. No matter if they're still small like Beauty or now big like Yoda!

Hope you have a great Saturday. Lots of fun where I am. I'll post about it tomorrow!

Friday, February 10, 2012


funny pictures - Origami kitteh needz practis  ...and thumbz
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I love this kitty. I'm wondering if this is what they call a Russian Blue. That piece of paper would be a big hit here. No thumbs required, only paws to bat it around the hard wood floors and chase after it!

I'm all thumbs today. In a good way. I have two things to work on now. My revisions came back from my editor. She loved the story and was very specific about the changes she wanted. I always like to give myself a little time to let the suggestions sink in before tackling them so am not making changes just yet. This is what I call the percolating stage.

Of course, that's not helping me make progress on the new proposal. Two stories in one head. Pass the Advil, please! But I'm sure I'll be able to keep them separate enough. Hood Hamlet is the new setting. Hollywood is the revision setting. Very different! As are the characters.

Speaking of writing, I came across this blog article from Terribleminds yesterday that talks about writers. If you aren't a fan of certain four-letter words, skip it. But if you want to peek into what's going on inside a writer's head, it's worth a read. I was nodding along as I read. A little scary how close to home it hits. Well, except for the coffee and alcohol. Just change it to tea and chocolate for me! LOL!

Have a great Friday.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pizza Box Kitty

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I spend more time than I should watching my cats fall asleep. Especially our kitten. It's just so darn cute! And it's fun to see where they're going to take a nap. We have a couple cats who much prefer boxes to anything we buy them. Just like this cat...

I must admit I'm glad none of my furbabies are attached to a pizza box. That would kind of gross me out to have to keep around. But I guess I do a lot of things to keep my cats happy that others shake their heads at!

Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Do Not Disturb

funny pictures - Cyoot Kittehs of teh Day: Do Not Disturb
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Those kitties are too cute! Last night Beauty went to sleep next to me in a chair. It was so sweet. Of course, I was stuck there until she woke up because I didn't want to disturb her.

I'm making headway on my new proposal. The synopsis is finished. (At least the rough draft of it.) I am roughing out chapters two and three, then I'll polish. I haven't heard from my editor on continuity revisions and that's okay. I would love to have the proposal done first since it's due on the 20th!

Today, however, is crazy day. Not a lot of writing time with homeschooling, driving kids around and two classes at church to prepare for and lead. So I'd better get busy now!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Kitty Crush

funny pictures - Evry dayz, 3 o clockz...
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The pic above immediately had me plotting a kitty romance! LOL! Isn't that cute?

I'm still dragging and fighting off whatever wants to take me down so trying to take it easy. I was supposed to have lunch with my friend Tiffany, but we moved it until later in the week when I (fingers crossed) will be feeling better.

I've been putting a good-sized dent into my new proposal. It's set on Mount Hood in my fictional town of Hood Hamlet. Last night as I was watching the premiere of SMASH (big musical fan here), I saw a news report about a missing climber on Mt. Hood. Members of PMR (Portland Mountain Rescue) were heading up the mountain to search for him. I couldn't help but think about my friends who help me with the mountain rescue missions in my books and belong to that group. I sure hope they find the climber, and that he's safe.

Update: I just found out they found the climber's body. It appears that he died following a severe fall. Very sad news. The climber was thirty-two, married with two young children. RIP Jared Townsley.

Update #2: Turns out he belonged to the climbing forum I belong to, too :( Jared was a photographer. This is his website if you want to see some of the pictures he took.

Hope you have a nice Tuesday!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Happy Monday!

funny pictures - What  dog?   The  dog   that   we  are  suppose  to  "beware"  of?Oh  him,  he  is  hiding  under  the  porch.
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Given the #1 commercial yesterday seems to be one about a cat-killing-Doritos-bribing dog, I thought this seemed like a good LOLcat to use today! If you're curious about what the "experts" had to say about the various ads, this article is from USA Today and is titled "Super Bowl ads go to the dogs." I thought the Chevy truck commercial about the end of the world was clever, but Ford didn't think so and sent a letter to NBC and GM asking the ad be pulled.

We were all happy by the games outcome. Finn and I missed the first two quarters due to his futsal game then the drive to my parents' house afterwards, but the second half made up for what we didn't see. After all the game hoopla, the kidlets and I watched The Voice and really enjoyed it. Some great talent on that show. But I was tired on the long drive home!

I'm fighting some sort of cold/bug, but I have a lot to get done so I'd better get started. Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

funny pictures - The Big Game: Kittehs Iz Gettin Reddy 4 teh Sooper Bowl!
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I just can't get too excited about today's Super Bowl. I will be rooting for the New York Giants only because of hubby and because they are a NFC team like my beloved 49ers. Since I could care less about the game, I'm hoping for good commercials. Of course, it seems like many of them have already premiered on-line. Though I'll miss the first half at least due to my son's fustal game.

Will you be watching the game? Who are you rooting for?

I'll leave you with this...

funny pictures - Teh Sooper Bowl: Eli Meowning vs. Tomcat Brady
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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Sleeping cats

funny pictures - Old married couples
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The above LOLcat fits in perfectly with the link I want to share with you today. Not because of the married comment, though that can be true, but the sleeping cats. Click here to go to Buzzfeed to see the 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions. The pics are cute and the descriptions for each are funny!

My morning started off already. I wanted to take my son to swim practice, but forgot to set the alarm. Oops! My fault for staying up late to finish reading my RITA entries. But now all eight scores have been entered and I'm finished. Huge sigh of relief. Wish I could say the same thing with the new proposal, but I'm getting there!

Hope you have a nice Saturday. No big plans here. What about you?

Friday, February 03, 2012


funny pictures - Purrsonalitee Disordr.
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I think the above applies not only to cats, but some people! I couldn't believe it was February already and now I can't believe it's already Friday. I don't want this week to end. I've been having so much fun reading and writing. I even managed to have lunch with my friend and Irish dance dressmaker extraordinaire, Alison Thrasher! You can check out her beautiful creations here.

I guess a lot of people are excited about the Super Bowl. Me, not so much. If the San Francisco Forty-Niners were playing it would be a different story. Now I'll just watch the ads, though many of them I've already seen.

Volkswagon had released their teaser/pre-ad. Now the real Super Bowl ad has been released.

I like last year's Little Darth Vader better. What about you?

Hope you have a great Friday!

Thursday, February 02, 2012


funny pictures - Hey bob,  there are other trees u know
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I can so relate to the above pic. Instead of a tree insert a pillow. The one on the bottom, that's me. Back when Smalls was alive, she used to sleep around my head. Sometimes it would get a little cramped or she'd hiss if I moved, but she was a small cat so it wasn't so bad. Now both Rocket and Smalls want to sleep there. It's hard enough for my head and one cat to fit on the pillow. Imagine two? No. Room. At. All. For me, that is. They don't seem to mind when they have to sleep on me in order to fit. Sigh...

Hope you have a nice Thursday! I'm going to write the synopsis for my new book today. What about you?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Contest time!

funny pictures - Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Got Pests?  Ai Kan Halp!
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I can't believe it's February! That means it's time to announce a winner! The winner of my January website giveaway is Sarita, who commented on my post Breakfast Time. Sarita, please use the contact button on the menu bar above to send me your email address and whether you'd like a $10 gift certificate from Amazon or Thanks to everyone who entered. Please reply within 7 days or I'll pick a new winner.

I'm taking part in another Story Garden contest on Fresh Fiction. The prize is a Kindle Fire with a bunch ebooks from several authors who are members of The Story Garden. Be sure to enter here!

My new monthly giveaway here is on to so be sure to leave a comment. Each comment gets you one entry. Same prize a $10 e-gift certificate to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.