Monday, April 29, 2013

Now What?

I feel like whoever has been making LOLcats the last couple of weeks is living in my house. This one is so Beauty and Yoda. The only difference is both of them are black cats.

I really can see them thinking this. At least twice a day!

Today is the birthday of my friend Elizabeth in San Diego who passed away in June. I wish I could pick up the phone, dial her number and wish her a happy birthday.  I really miss her.

Hope you had a nice weekend and a great Monday!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today is my son's 13th birthday. It's a big day for him. He gets a cellphone and a Facebook account. He's very excited!

Right now we have several boys in the house waiting for chocolate chip pancakes and bacon to be served. That's what he wanted for breakfast. Last night he had a sleepover. We took the boys to dinner at The Olive Garden, Finn's favorite restaurant. Then it was home to play Xbox, open presents and have cake.

He wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Of course, I forgot to order one, which meant driving to three DQs yesterday to find one where they could write his name on it. The others had these edible decorations he doesn't like.

I was happy that once the TV went off it never went back on. The boys played night tag outside. Then they played Mafia inside until the wee hours of the nights. My two daughters joined in. It's played in the dark and there were lots of squeals of laughter during the game.

Of course that wasn't the only celebrating yesterday. At the end of March, we joined a new swim team that is much closer to our house than the old team. It was a change I'd wanted (simplify is my word for 2013) and the kids went along with it. Another family we are super close to made the switch at the same time which has helped with the transition.

Well, yesterday his new team went all out for Finn's birthday. His friend from his old team made a big card for him. Another girl on the team made another. Both arrived at Saturday's practice early to get people to sign it. So sweet and Finn was very touched. The team did big shout-outs to him and a poolside Happy Birthday. This followed a match of them playing water polo (Finn's favorite) so he was all smiles. Then, at the end of practice, our friends who came over from the old team brought out homemade sweet rolls for everyone. Three pans like the one to the right. Yum! Needless to say, the best swim practice ever!!!!

Finn and I were the same height until last week. He surpassed me. That makes two kidlets taller than me now. A strange feeling. I'm sure Rose won't be too far behind.

Happy Birthday, Finn! You'll always be my little bo-bo, no matter how tall you get!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Friday!

Why am I happy? We've had a couple of days of sunshine and warm temperatures. A much needed taste of spring after so much rain, gray clouds and cold! I'm not happy about that I'm thrilled! I haven't heard the weather report, but I'm crossing my fingers the sunshine continues through the weekend. Of course the nice weather is not helping me reach my page count. Must write first, then play!

Fellow Harlequin Romance author, Jennifer Faye, talks about my March release Winning Back His Wife on her "My Friday Read" blog post today. Jennifer's debut book, Rancher to the Rescue, comes out in July. I remember when my first book was coming out. Such an amazing time! I'm very excited for her!

Hope you have a very happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cat 4-H

Last night I took Rose to her 4-H meeting. This year we're doing cats instead of dogs. A good decision given Chaos ended up having seizures and Astra (who we borrow for Rose to use) had a litter of pups.

After the business meeting, kids brought out their cats to show. It's different from dogs in that the cat really doesn't do anything. The handler positions them for the judge. Probably a good thing given most cats don't do anything their supposed to do when asked.

Rose left Beauty at home. This was only our third meeting (including the Christmas party.) But she was there to watch.

One member brought out their Maine Coon. He was huge and gorgeous with this tiny, high pitched meow. His fur coloring was lighter, but he reminded us so much of Rocket. Still missing my big boy.

When country fair time rolls around, the cats are kept in cages. Each one is decorated so Rose is trying to think of a theme to use. Then we'll have to see how we can turn the cage into whatever she thinks up. The good thing is the cat part of fair is only 3 days compared to 7 with dogs.

So that was my night. How was yours?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Teaser!

Today I'm participating in Teaser Tuesday on my Facebook page. (You don't need a Facebook account to read it.) I'll be posting a snippet from Winning Back His Wife and tagging ten other offers who are participating.

The goal is to introduce readers to our writing as well as new-to-them authors and maybe get a few more "Likes" on our pages!

Click this link if you want to visit my page! And be sure to check out the authors I tagged!

Monday, April 22, 2013


If you ever wanted to know what dinnertime is like at my house, just look at the pic to the left. I wish I were kidding, but I'm not. My cats aren't on the table (though they'll try) but they lean off the cat tree like they might bound onto your plate at any minute, especially if salmon or chicken in being served.

You'd think they are starving. They aren't. But they like to eat, especially what we are eating.

Of course, we also have Chaos, who thinks she's the official taste tester for each of us. Fortunately she listens better than the cats.

The worst time is during deadlines when food is brought to me. The cats keep getting closer and closer to me. Okay, my plate. I have to eat fast and not because I should get back to work!

I hope you have a nice Monday and that this week goes much better than last for all of us! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Got it!

I looked at this LOLcat and had a good laugh? Why because my cats are just like this! It happened yesterday.

Not a spider. Some sort of flying bug.

We almost lost both the cat tree and the window in our kitchen eating area. We also almost lost Beauty. I went in for the save when she couldn't keep her balance on the top of the lower window. She was only on one paw at the time.  But that didn't stop her from getting back up there.

Beauty was quite intent on catching it, even if it meant giving up one of her nine lives in the process!

Hope you have a nice Thursday. I had a crazy Wednesday. Looking forward to a little downtime today!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I love this LOLcat. It's how I've felt the past couple of days. Going nowhere. Though maybe not so boldly. Getting sick will do that to you. But then you realize how a few germs don't matter much as you watch the horror unfold in Boston.

Yet, in the midst of tragedy, people ("helpers" if you've seen the quote from Mr. Rogers that's gone viral) stepped up and boldly went somewhere, straight into the smoke, where the explosions occurred and others needed assistance.

Darkness might get its moment, but the light will always shine through. The light is stronger, always will be. I must remember that. I also must remember to... Be bold. Go somewhere. Be a helper.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Digital Release Day!

Guess what's being released for the first time in eBook form today? My third published book!

The Wedding Lullaby was originally published in November 2000. Here's the back cover copy: 

From the wedding march... to the rock-a-bye baby!
Innocent socialite Laurel Worthington had only met handsome tycoon Brett Matthews once before—at their wedding! Then, a wager had meant a one-night marriage. Swept away by the romantic fantasy, Laurel had willingly surrendered her virginity to her sweetly seductive new husband.

But the self-made millionaire wondered if Laurel would ever have come back to him if she hadn't needed his help. He vowed they'd marry again—and stay married—for the sake of their unborn child. But this time Laurel wouldn't marry for anything less than her husband's heart...
The first thing I'll tell you about this release is I had know idea the book was being converted to digital so it wasn't updated for 2013, but I will add that I'm still fond of this story for a couple reasons:

1)   The Wedding Lullaby is set in Portland, Oregon, where I used to live. I still remember going to open houses in the Dunthorpe area looking for an estates/mansions to use in the story. The houses were gorgeous.

2) It's the book that introduced Portland billionaire Henry Davenport to readers. I had no idea when I wrote this story that he'd end up playing matchmaker in three other stories and have his own story told in a fourth one. Unfortunately the other books are out of print and have not been digitized yet.

3) When I wrote and submitted the proposal about a pregnant heroine, I wasn't pregnant. By the time they bought the story and I had to finish writing it, I was. I also had a toddler at the time. A few things my heroine went through during her pregnancy are similar to what I want through carrying my son Finn. He'll be thirteen soon. How time flies!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The False Prince

As a mom (not to mention a writer), I love when a story captures a kid's attention so much the book is carried everywhere with them. A few spare minutes means time to read another couple of pages. The most recent book to do this was The False Prince: Book 1 of the Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The Easter Bunny left the book in Finn's Easter basket. There was also a copy of Special Forces Military Elite magazine which got read first. Though the first thing he took out of the basket was a water pistol. As hubby said, nothing says Easter like a gun!

Once Finn started reading The False Prince he was hooked. If you've read this blog, you know my son is athletic and a very busy boy. He's not the type to sit around. He'd rather be outside running and playing. Yesterday, with the sun shining, he was sitting inside finishing the book. I can't imagine a greater compliment for a book.

As soon as he finished last night, he asked me to look up the next book in the series called The Runaway King: Book 2 of the Ascendance Trilogy. Looks like we'll be buying a copy today or ordering one if we can't get to Target.

Not sure how the Easter Bunny knew this was the perfect book for a 12 year old boy, but well done, Bunny!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

My Turn

Finn was sick last week. Now it's my turn.

I caught whatever he had. My throat is burning. Swallowing hurts. Head pounding.

The kid spent three days on the couch or in bed, sleeping much of the time. Unfortunately, I don't have time for that.


I think there should be some automatic immunity given to someone caring for the sick. Too bad the germs don't agree.

I'm heading back to bed once I know my oldest is ready and off to school.

Hope you're feeling well!

Monday, April 08, 2013

After the HEA

Romance writers talk about the HEA, the happily ever after. I got a kick out of this YouTube clip that talks about Disney movie HEAs, only what happens after the ever after.

The kid who made this is very talented. Clever, too! I really hope he tackles more Disney movies. I imagine Mulan and Tangled could be fun ones for him to do! Not to mention Snow White!

Hope you have a nice Monday! I'm starting a swim clinic today. Time to get in shape!

Friday, April 05, 2013

June Cover Reveal

This is the cover for my upcoming June release. There are many dogs in it since the heroine is a dog handler.

Here's the back cover copy:

His pinstripe suit is normally his armor…

Becca Taylor has worked hard to overcome her troubled
past and start a new life. But when Caleb Fairchild marches
into her life, the instant attraction between them is the last
thing she needs!

CEO Caleb has learned the hard way not to suffer fools
and to be careful of whom to trust. Why should Becca,
gorgeous as she is, be any different? But he can’t help but
be drawn to her, to want to get close to her. So when
her secrets are blown out into the open, betrayal seems
inevitable. Unless the truth can start to crack the iron walls
he’s built around his heart.…

You can preorder it here on Amazon.

Hope you have a nice Friday. I'm hoping my sick kidlet is feeling better so we can at least enjoy one day of spring break!

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Finicky Cats

This morning two cats decided they did not want to finish breakfast. Instead one went over and licked the dog bowl. I'd added a little goat's milk to that one to soften up the kibbles. The other disappeared to see if there was food elsewhere in the house. He'll soon be back disappointed.

Of course, this means the hunger pains that hit around lunchtime (they eat three times a day) will start a little earlier unless I give them a snack (a bowl of something to self-feed.) I do mix up the foods and brands they get so they don't get bored, but I wonder if they do this on purpose in order to get a snack. But that would take concerted effort, one I haven't seen since my old three (two of which are no longer with us) rallied against Chaos after we adopted her. Or maybe they're picky and finicky because their cats. That's much more likely.

I just hope they don't expect lunch at 9 am today!

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Eighteen Years

Today is our eighteenth anniversary! We celebrated last night since we were kid-free with dinner at Nuestra Mesa, a small little Mexican cafe.

I thought it would be fun to share a couple of pics from our wedding day 18 years ago and a more recent one. We both lived in San Francisco's Marina District at the time, but decided to get marry in hubby's hometown church on Long Island, New York. We had our reception at The Country House in Stony Brook. Then spent a two week honeymoon in Antigua and Grenada.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful hubby. I love you so much!

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring Break

This week is Spring Break where we live. All I've heard for the past couple of weeks are all the fun places my oldest's friends are traveling to: Mexico, Disneyland, Palm Springs, Hawaii and Indonesia. Yesterday on Easter Sunday, she was texting a friend who was at Disneyland.

She told us, "The line for the Matterhorn is 50 minutes right now."

Not bad for Spring Break, I told her. It was often longer when I was there in July for the RWA conference. She wasn't amused.

My oldest is so distraught over being stuck at home this week. I know a lot of this comes from her spending last spring break on an Eastern Seaboard tour with her 8th grade teacher and classmates. Of course, she's not even at home for the next few days. We spent Easter at my parents' house and she stayed there last night.

And when she gets home I'll try to figure out something for us to do around here. Maybe not overnight due to the animals, but a few staycation activities so her spring break won't totally suck after all.

Hope you are enjoying your first day of April!