Friday, September 30, 2011

Writer Retreat

funny pictures - I'll take my breakfast in bed at 8:00.  And make sure my orange juice is fresh squeezed this time.
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This little kitty cat knows exactly how it should work! Though if you're going to have breakfast in bed, you might as well sleep in a little later than 8 o'clock. Not that I ever get that opportunity!

This weekend will be the perfect time though to sleep in a little. I'm heading to the Oregon Coast with two writer friends. We've rented a house two blocks from the beach. It has ocean views from both levels. To say I'm excited is putting it mildly.

We're leaving in less than two hours. Time to drive over there, have lunch, visit, maybe hit the outlet mall before check-in time.

We're all bringing snacks. Surprise, surprise, but my biggest contribution is chocolate! Though I'm also purchased other stuff. We decided to eat our meals out. All of us are moms. We don't want to have to cook and clean this weekend.

I'm bringing the Michael Hauge DVD I purchased in New York. Another writer is has another one. On the drive, we'll be listening to workshops from the conference in New York! So we're going to try to get some writing craft during the weekend. I'm sure we'll be brainstorming ideas and plots, too.

Well, I still need to clean the minivan so I'd better get busy! Hope you have a great Friday!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Star Wars: Retold

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This video came across my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. I shared there and I'll share here today. It's Star Wars related. A woman who has never seen parts 4, 5 and 6 gives her take on the plots based on the parts she has seen. It's funny.

Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

Hope you have a nice Thursday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What was I thinking?

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I thought this pic was the perfect way to visualize how I hope my day will be. All warm and fuzzy and cuddly. It's Wednesday though which means my day will most likely be more like this...

funny pictures - You can't  hide for long

Yes, I imagine I'll feel like hiding at least twice today. And my Wednesday schedule is not even at its worst yet. The kids' Homeschool band starts next week which will add one more thing to the day.

But I suppose one super busy day is better than seven of them. At least that was thinking behind planning things this way!

How's your day look?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never gets old

funny pictures - You recycled ALL my boxes?
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A new box arrived at our house yesterday! The cats were eying it, but it's mine, all mine!

I spent over six hours volunteering at the kids' school. A fun time, but I was tired when I got home. Of course, I only had a few minutes there before I had to drive across town for my son's soccer practice. But waiting for me on the kitchen table was a familiar looking box.

A thrill raced through me. I knew exactly what was inside and couldn't wait to open the box.

No matter how many books I publish, receiving the box of them from Harlequin is so exciting. It's one of the best parts of being an author. (Typing "THE END" is pretty cool, too!)

I held one of books in my hand, admired the cover art (kudos to Harlequin's Art Department) and read the back cover. Seeing my words in book form makes the sleepless nights, moments of freaking out, days of endless revision and polishing so worth it for me.

Have a great Tuesday! I'm looking forward to mine!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Monday!

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I'd love to hang around in a hammock surrounded by kittens. Sounds like a perfect Monday morning to me. But instead of lounging and napping, I'll be at the kidlet's school. Today is my first volunteer shift of the year.

In the 7/8 class, I hope to spend a few minutes talking to them about writing. I'd done something a little more formal last year. This would be a more casual chat. I noticed a couple things in Mackenna's narrative writing homework assignment last week so I wrote up a one page worksheet this weekend on Show, Don't Tell! It should take about 5-10 minutes to review and do. If it goes over well, I'll see if the teacher wants me to do one on whatever topic their studying writing-wise each time I volunteer in the class.

I've been going over the notes for my new story. It's part of an eight book continuity story. The characters and storyline are provided. I have been doing lots of author-generated continuities since coming to Harlequin Romance in 2005. This is my first editorial generated continuity since I wrote Santa Brought a Son (part of the Marrying the Boss' Daughter series) for Silhouette Romance. I'm looking forward to the change of pace.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but this weekend I'll be going away with two other romance writers for a writing retreat on the Oregon Coast. We planned it back in August. I can't believe it's already here, but I'm so excited.

I want to have everything figured out with my new story so I can just write, write, write. Unless I hear back from my editor on the soccer book, then I'll revise, revise, revise.

How is your week looking?

Sunday, September 25, 2011


funny pictures - JACKPOT!
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The above pic is Yoda's idea of heaven. We have empty boxes all over the house. Some like in the LOLcat photo, others on their sides so they're like caves for him.

No soccer today! I spent Friday night at my parents' house with the two older kids so we'd be only a few minutes away from where Finn's team was playing on Saturday morning. I just didn't feel up to an early morning to make that long drive and arrive by 8:20 am.

It was great to visit with my parents. My niece's cat, Cupcake, is staying there. I didn't get much sleep because Cupcake was lonely and wanted my attention. She left the kidlets alone. How do these cats know who to go to?

Today is a quiet, relaxing kind of day. I'm looking forward to it!

Friday, September 23, 2011


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This picture cracked me up this morning. I was not a crazy cat lady when I was single. I had a kitten (Smokey) for a couple of weeks in my early twenties (an old boyfriend's brother had found it in his dog's mouth in the backyard) so I took it home, but my roommate was allergic and pets weren't allowed in the apartment so a new home was found for him. But it's safe to assume had Smokey remained mine, I might still be single!

I'm very happy the weekend is here. I'll be seeing my parents tomorrow. Finn has a soccer game not too far from where they live. I'll also be reviewing notes for the story I'll be starting on Monday. It's a continuity so the editors have provided me the basic storyline and characters. Eight other authors are involved. I haven't done one of these in a while so am looking forward to it!

What will you be up to this weekend?

Thursday, September 22, 2011


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If you're on Facebook, what do you think of the new changes?

I don't like them. In fact, I hate them. That's not a word I like to use a lot. But if ever Facebook needed a hate button, it was the nanosecond after they rolled out this new version. What is up with the Newfeed or all the clutter on the right hand side? I want the old Facebook back!

Some people think this is no big deal, but for others it is. I don't get a lot of real life interaction except for my family and pets. Facebook has been my watercooler, the place I go when I take a break and want some social interaction while writing. They change the site enough as it is, but something this big is really bad. Well, I think it is.

I don't play games on Facebook (thankfully learned how to block all those from appearing on my newsfeed), but I like to see what people are up to, to read the articles, see the pics or watch the videos they post. Facebook always seemed easier to do that with than Twitter, where I'm hit or miss. It's not as easy to follow what's going on with people on Twitter if you're not on a lot. Which I'm not. I just don't have that much time to tweet!

But these Facebook changes really drive me nuts. I don't want a computer algorithm telling me who or what's most important to me. I'd rather decide that. I feel like I'm missing posts from many people. And I don't want to have (or have time) to use so-called fixes (that seem to change daily) to fix what wasn't broken in the first place.

My publisher recommends using a Facebook "page" over a personal profile. I set one up and I have been using it to discuss writing, book and some life stuff. It's where I post all new info first. But this latest move by Facebook may be what drives me 100% over to my books/author page (where people like it.) "Page" feeds aren't as messy/complicated to use as Newsfeeds. At least not yet.

People say this is a move by Facebook to compete with Google+. I have no idea what the google thing is, but if it's more like the old Facebook or easier than the new one has turned out to be, I may check it out!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ever wonder...

...what it feels like to submit a manuscript or revisions to your editor and then wait to hear back. This pic sums it up well:

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I don't watch much TV (usually an hour a week) but since it's premiere week for many shows I did check out the first hour of Sing-Off on Monday and New Girl last night. Still haven't found a must-see each week show like The Event last season, but I haven't been searching too hard with the book being due.

Of course, I don't get much time off. Very shortly I'll be jumping into a new story. It's due in early January so if I don't get busy with it I won't be able to take off a few days around Christmastime!

But today's the full return of crazy Wednesdays (both the classes I teach at church start today) plus all the kidlet stuff. It figures this is the one day that hubby has to go west of Portland for business meetings. That means the kidlets will have to miss stuff tonight (i.e. soccer) because I can't be in two places at once. I just hope this isn't a sign of things to come!

Have a great day! I hope your Wednesday is relaxing, not crazy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jedi Kittens Strike Back

To celebrate my book being finished, I give you this...

I'm a total fangirl, but add in cute kitties with lightsabers and this crazy cat lady is in total Star Wars Heaven.

Have a great Tuesday! I think I'm going to spend the day be doing what the kitty below is doing!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Almost done!

funny pictures - no pikshurz no problim
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Still working on the book. But I'm almost finished! A good thing since it's due today.

Of course I have a brand new one to start as soon as this one goes off. Nothing like job security! The cats and dog are happy about that. So is hubby.

Better get to work!

Hope you have a nice Monday.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boxed in

funny pictures - 'K, I did it!  Now I can haz     U-Toob channel liek Maru?
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I wish I could say I did it like the cat above! But I'm still working on the book.

It's due tomorrow and last night I got stuck. Boxed myself in, you could say. This morning, after some much needed sleep and Mass, I know what I need to do to unbox myself! I'll work a little on that then watch my son's soccer match then come home and write until I can no longer see straight.

What have you got going on?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Losing Hope

funny pictures - Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
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I have not yet abandoned all hope, but it's touch and go at this point. Deadline crunch time is here. Even the cats and dog have figured that out.

I woke up with all four nearby, waiting to be fed so they can join me on another day long marathon writing and revising session. Yes, my three cats and one dog love when I'm on deadline. They much prefer to have me stuck in one place where they can sleep by or on me and come for love whenever they like.

Or treats. Yes, I keep treats handy for all of us during deadline time. Works wonders for motivation!

Speaking of kitties and food, I'm switching Spirit's food over to a different one the vet recommended. If that doesn't work, I may attempt making my own. I tried a raw food diet years ago, but she wouldn't touch the stuff. She's a dry cat food eater only. But she will eat baby food turkey and regular human baked/boiled/grilled chicken so as soon as this book is off on Monday, I'll be scouring the Internet and my own files for ideas.

Before I begin my writing for the day, I wanted to share a link with you. It came across my Facebook Newsfeed last night. It's so funny. I don't know if it's Photoshopped or real, but it cracked me up. I'm Catholic so maybe that's why it tickled my funny bone so much.

Take a look at the signs out front of two churches across the street from each other here.

Have a great day! Are you doing anything fun? If so, please share. I have fun writing, but the pressure is mounting.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Cover!

Funny Pictures - Cute Kittens
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I can so relate to the little guy above. My manuscript is due on Monday and I'm clinging to my keyboard trying to get it ready.

Not much to say except I'm writing. Pretty boring, huh?

But I did receive something in my inbox yesterday. The hi-res copy of my cover for my upcoming November release, Firefighter Under the Mistletoe. I posted a low-res, snagged from Amazon on on my Facebook author/book page (where I post all news first!) a couple of weeks ago, but this one is better.

This is the third book in my unofficial Hood Hamlet series. The heroine, Leanne Thomas, has been in the first two books as well as the eHarlequin free on-line read, Snow-Kissed Reunion. She's a paramedic and volunteer mountain rescuer. The hero, Christian, is a Hood Hamlet firefighter. I really enjoyed writing this story. I can't wait to hear what people think.

The working title was Christmas Magic in Hood Hamlet to go with the first two books in the series: Rescued by the Magic of Christmas and Christmas Magic on the Mountain. They picked the new title to play up the firefighter angle. The cover is also different than the sleigh rides on the first two books, again focusing on the firefighter. I hope that means firefighters are popular with romance readers!

Happy Friday! I'll be honest though I with it were Tuesday so I'd have more time to write!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


funny pictures - I haz a chin rest.
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This LOLcat is so perfect for this morning. One of my furbabies was a total pain in the ass last night. Rocket, my big kitty, wouldn't let me sleep and I'll be paying the price today. Something I can't afford while on deadline.

At first I thought it was cute how Rocket woke me up in the middle of the night head butting me and pawing at me. He hadn't done that in a long while. That was Smalls' job.

I gave him lots of love and was rewarded with purring. He even curled around my head the way Smalls used to so I kept rubbing him. I could tell Spirit was asleep on my legs so figured it was time for everyone to close their eyes again. Except when I stopped touching him, he didn't go to sleep himself.

Instead of doing what any good kitty would do and sleeping, he wouldn't leave me alone. At first I wondered if he wasn't feeling well. But he kept purring and didn't mind me touching him all over. I figured maybe he was lonely so gave him more rubs.

This went on for a long time. I'd rub, stop, be told to start again. I finally couldn't keep going. I was so tired. I rolled away from him.

Rocket meowed, not the sweet sound that melts your heart, but that awful I'm hurting/upset/help-me-now one that sends a chill down your spine.

I finally realized something else was going on so I got up, disturbing a sound asleep Spirit in the process. A quick glance at the clock told me it was 4:35 am. So not good.

Rocket darted into the bathroom toward the community food bowl kept in the bathtub so the dog can't get any. The bowl was empty.

Rocket and Yoda get wet food at certain times a day, but Spirit doesn't eat canned food and doesn't eat much at all so I keep a bowl of food out for her. I offered Rocket his dry food, but he would touch it. He kept looking at Spirit's bowl.

I needed sleep so I took it downstairs and filled it. As soon as I placed the bowl back in the tub, Rocket disappeared. He wasn't hungry. He just wanted to make sure there was food for his not-feeling-well sister.

A pain in the ass, yes. But a really sweet one.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


funny pictures - I'm here.  You can stop looking now.
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This LOLcat describes Yoda to a T! Everyday he disappears for his nap. I know he's in the house, but the question is where. Sometimes we can find him. Other times, we have no idea where he sleeps.

We did, however, discover one of his newest hiding spots on Monday. The kids' curriculum from K12 comes in these perfect cat sized boxes.

My son tripped over one of them. A blur of black fur shot out of it. None of us had any idea Yoda had been in there. But he wasn't that scared. He ended up back in his box a few minutes later and hubby took this picture.

We managed our first full day of homeschooling. The kidlets got everything completed, but it took until 3:30. I hope today goes not only smoother, but quicker. I have so many words to write it's a bit overwhelming. But this is par for the course right before a book is due. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

Speaking of the manuscript, I found another song for the book soundtrack. I heard this last week on the radio. It's perfect for my professional soccer player hero! No video, but you can hear it:

Time to write! I really don't want my panic to turn into complete freaking out with Monday's deadline ahead. Oh, and thanks for all the well wishes for Spirit. She's feeling better, just wish she'd get better!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random Tuesday

funny pictures - Littol sleep aid.
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So cute and very true! This LOLcat reminds me so much of Smalls. She purred so loudly. It's what I went to sleep and woke up hearing. And I can actually type that without crying so progress there!

The kidlets love the new facility where the school moved to. The classrooms are big, everything is on one level in one building. Nice and new equipment, too. An excellent first day. Today we add more subjects to our home schedule. Wish me luck!

I'm plugging along on the book. Still behind, but trying to get caught up.

We may have turned a corner with Spirit. She is acting more like herself, but still sick. I spoke with the vet yesterday. Fingers crossed things are starting to act more like they showed!

I've been trying to figure out what new shows I want to watch. Sing-Off is top on the list. Others I may try: Terra Nova and Person of Interest. Any you plan on watching or think I should check out?

Time to get writing! Have a great day.

Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day

funny pictures - Pinata for  cats
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You'd think the kids had a big party to go to this morning. They are so excited!

Today is the first day of their school. They only attend two days a week, but those are their favorite days. Of course, to complicate matter, today is also picture day. There have been a few outfit changes to make sure it's picture-worthy attire.

I've managed to find two other families who want to carpool, but we aren't starting this first week. That means an hour round trip for me at drop-off and pick-up. Well, unless I can convince hubby to take one of those for me.

This is my crunch week. The book is due in exactly one week. And yes, I'm panicked.

Hope you have a nice Monday. It's overcast. I hope that means the temperature won't be in the nineties again!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

September 11, 2001. Just the date brings back memories. The images and details are so clear, even after ten years. I remember from the phone calls I made to friends I worried were there to the salty taste of my tears. But of all the moments that day, these had the biggest impact on me.

• Waking up to the newscaster on the radio saying a plane hit the World Trade Center and turning on the television downstairs to see smoke coming from the North Tower.

• Watching the second plane hit the South Tower. I felt as if I'd been physically punched in the stomach.

• The collapse of the Towers. Again, it physically hurt.

• Finding out United Airlines planes, ones that I'd worked on while employed there, were involved.

• The phone call from my brother-in-law's roommate that afternoon. She was in tears asking if we'd heard from him because no one had all day and he'd been down in that area. She asked if I could get in touch with their middle brother. So I did.

• The phone call that arrived late that night, around eleven or midnight west coast time, from my brother-in-law saying he wasn't missing. He'd been down there all day doing what he could, but was finally getting out of there.

Some families never got to experience the moment of relief when the call arrived. But it still didn't erase the pain and the heartache of so many lives taken much too soon and the attack against our country.

As I was driving this past Friday, I heard a song on the radio. The tears flowed then and once again when I found the music video on YouTube.

One of the things I'll remember most about my trip to New York in June was the visit to Ground Zero with my brother-in-law, who became a 9-11 responder by chance. He worked in Central Park as a Mounted Park Ranger, but that September morning he happened to be near Battery Park in a training class. They were pulled out and put to work, helping with evacuations and whatever else needed to be done.

He took us through that day. Well, his day. From where he stood when the second plane hit to where he was when the Twin Towers came down to what happened afterward.

The kids were too young in 2001 to remember anything. Mackenna had been three at the time. Finn one. Rose wouldn't be born for another year and half.

But the three knew what 9/11 was. We've attended Memorial Services at a local fire station. They also knew for a very long and difficult time that day their uncle had been missing. But they hadn't heard what had happened from someone who had been there. And whose 9/11 story didn't end that day, but continued through the clean-up.

At one point during our visit, we sat near the Winter Garden and listened to how he helped evacuate people from the complex. The kids asked questions, ones that showed their youth, innocence and pure heart. Questions I worried might upset my brother-in-law. But if they did, he never mentioned it.

September 11, 2001...Never forget.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Puppy Pics

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I haven't had time to drive out to see the Norwegian Elkhound puppies in the last two weeks. I'm kind of bummed about that because they are growing so fast. But things have just been too busy to make the drive out there. But the breeder has kept me updated on them and even sent pictures.

These were emailed to me two days ago. I can't believe how much the puppies have grown since our first visit back in early August.

I'm not sure which color puppy this on is (they were colored collars to tell them apart), but the pup reminds me of Grand Finale the first time we saw her(the breeder also received a pup who is approximately 5-6 weeks older than the seven puppies Cassie gave birth to.) 

One thing is certain, the pup now looks like a Norwegian Elkhound with the coloring and markings. When they were little they were mostly dark fur and resembled little bears. (Search on Norwegian Elkhound Puppies in the Blogspot Nav Bar if you want to see them when they were younger.)

And I can't believe how much Grand Finale has grown!  She's lost so much of her dark fur! She used to be the same color as this pup.

Looks like she's found a playmate. Bet she's having fun with the seven puppies!

I'm definitely going to have to work extra hard this weekend so I can get down there to see them this coming week. It won't be too long before the puppies go to their new homes. We'd all like to see them before that happens!

You know what I'll be doing this weekend. Writing is pretty much my life right now. What do you have going on?

Friday, September 09, 2011

Big Cats and Laser Pointers

funny pictures - Hoarding - not limited to humans
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My cats love paper. Their favorite time is deadline time because I never through any sheet out until I turn in the book just in case I might need to go back through my revision copies. The sheets pile up on the floor next to where I write much to the cats' delight!

I saw this video on my You Tube news feed last night. Yoda, my Ninja kitty, loves to chase his "pen light" as we call it around here. Looks like some of the Big Kitties like to do the same thing and others, well, they aren't that impressed. Take a look...

Hope you have a great Friday!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Pet Not Type

Funny Pictures - No Typing Only Petting
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This is my furbabies mantra! Hard to write though when petting 24/7.

We took Spirit to the vet again. They put her on steroids to see if that helps, but the vet is concerned. He thinks it's very serious, but until we know for sure that he's correct I'm not ready to say more about it.

I'm off to register the kids for their 2 day a week classes. This is for the program I slept outside in line for back in April!

And when I get hope I'll be typing...I mean petting until I get my words in for the day!

Hope you have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Funny Pictures - Cute Kittens
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I stayed up late to get my word count in. Finally had to call it about 500 words short, but it was almost 2 am and I needed to sleep! But that means there's no buffer (I try to be ahead of goal) which means I need to get busy.

I added contest info for October under the contest tab above. Prize is a $10 gift card. Comment to enter.

I also need to remember to close the windows. It's been very hot here, and we don't have a/c so each morning I open the house to cool it down. I was so busy with the kids yesterday morning I forgot to close them. Needless to say the house was uncomfortable yesterday.

With this deadline, a sick cat and trying to get back into a school routine, I don't have a lot of time. I really hope I can squeeze some fun into my week somewhere. I really needed it.

Are you having any fun?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


funny pictures - T-rex, you so crazy!
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That kitty's expression cracks me up. So I totally forgot to blog this morning. It just completely slipped my mind.

One reason is I'm worried about Spirit. We ended up at the animal hospital yesterday again. They took her off one of her medications, put her on probiotics and gave her subcutaneous fluids. I hope that helps. She's lost a lot of weight since we were there last, but they'd misplaced her records. I double checked with our actual vet who had seen her the week before and I was right about the weight loss.

Another reason is the kids decided they wanted to start school. They attend a program two days a week for certain subjects (that starts next week) and I teach them the others. Needless to say I had to run around to get some things together for them. We didn't do every subject today, but what they did went well.

Anyway, hope you're having a great day. I need to get writing. My week is messed up with yesterday's holiday (keep thinking it's Monday) and now my day with starting school.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Happy Labor Day

funny pictures - TODDLERS & TIARAS
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While most people will be taking today off, I'll be working. But I'm at a fun part of the story so the writing won't be that laborious. At least I hope not!

Last night I slept through the night. That hasn't happened a lot in the last couple of weeks. I even remembered my dream. I was on vacation at this camp/resort place with my family. There was water, sun and fun. Not to mention food! Maybe next Labor Day, that can happen!

Have fun today!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Do Over

funny pictures - I prefer 3-ply, btw...
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I feel like there are some weekends when I could just paste the same blog over and over again. This is one of them. No sports, but dogs. Mackenna is competing at a dog show again with Chaos and Astra (who belongs to another family) and I'm at home writing.

I'm really trying to get the book finished. It's due the 19th, but I want a decent complete by the 10th. Something I'm doing a little differently this time is polishing more as I go. I'm a draft writer, but needed to switch it up a little bit due to still missing Smalls. Not sure it's working, but at least I'm getting words on the page. Which is more than I could say a few days ago. It's hard to believe it'll be two weeks tonight.

Jack the Cat who I wrote about earlier in the week is still missing. It looks like he's out of the baggage claim area and roaming the JFK vicinity. If you live around there, keep your eyes peeled for this gorgeous boy. I'm sure his mommy is frantic with worry.

Also if you live in the area and have time to help, they put out a call for volunteers. They are searching the area and passing out flyers. And if you're too far away, but would still like to help, they could use assistance emailing and faxing flyers to businesses. Just check the link which if Jack's Facebook page.  You'll need to click on the "Jack the Cat is Missing ..."  rather than seeing everyone's post so you can find the callout for help.  Thanks!

From Jack's Facebook page, I found another page that has just broken my heart. It's called Pets on Death Row (PODR).  Just the title probably tells you this is not a page I should visit, right? Hubby told me not to go there again after I got so upset over one kitty.

Here's how it works. Each night (leaving very little time for rescues to find foster and adoptive homes) an e-list is released and posted of cats who will be destroyed the next day at New York City's Animal Care & Control (ACC). They  have sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island.  PODR posts pictures and a little info about each of the cats who will be put to sleep the next day. From what I hear, they start the killing early so you really have to be on top of things and have it all set by early that morning if you want to save a cat.

If you read my author/books page on Facebook, you've heard about this already. I fell hard for one of the cats on Thursday night's list. His name was Ty and his owner had given him up for adoption.

Poor Ty was only in the ACC a couple of days before he was put on the To Be Destroyed list. They said he had behavior issues, but if you read what the owner wrote, he said it takes the cat time to warm up to someone. The picture of Ty in his collar with his toy mouse just breaks my heart. I just wanted to hold him tight and not let go.

A guy named Jim, who'd just adopted three death row cats the day before, made a valiant effort, but it was a day too late. He rode his bike to Brooklyn on Saturday to try to adopt him,  but he didn't even know if Ty was even alive then. The ACC told him that Ty wasn't available, but wouldn't give a reason. Yesterday a NYC cat rescue group person confirmed what we all feared. Ty had been put to sleep.

It's so sad.  I pledged money toward his rescue as did others.  If you go to Ty's thread on PODR, you can see how many people he touched. It's too bad we failed and couldn't save him. We'd raised enough to cover his fees, but we had no where for him to go.

I thought about adopting him myself, but I didn't know whether I could find a rescue group who would send him to me out west. I should have at least tried to see if it was possible. If I could go back to Thursday evening, exhausted as I was, I would stay up all night and figure out a way to get him and his mousy to me no matter what it cost. I just hope now he's no longer so frightened and he's playing with my Smalls at the Rainbow Bridge.

Please, for Ty and all the other furbabies out there, if you know people in NYC who need to surrender their cats for whatever reason, please tell them to find a rescue group or other pet sanctuary/shelter and avoid the ACC.  There are other options out there, especially if they don't want their pets to end up dead like Ty.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Not much going on

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Today would be a perfect sunny and warm day to do a little yard work or attend a dog show with the family. Instead, I'll be inside. Typing as fast as my fingers and creativity can work together. I'll also be here to give Spirit her medication. Fun times ahead!

It's supposed to be hot so I've got windows open to cool down the house. I'm setting an alarm to remind me to close them. If I get writing, I may forget and don't want to pay the price this afternoon and tonight!

Hope you are having a Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Friday, September 02, 2011


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The first time giving a cat her medicine isn't too hard. She's a little curious. Are those tubey things going to taste good? Is that little pill a treat?

After that first time, it gets much harder. Spirit, who never hides from me, has now. Okay, I don't really blame her. She has three things to take. Two are given every eight hours. A third every twelve. She also didn't get any food for twenty-four hours.

But this morning I wasn't going to let her get the best of me. (Not sure what that says about me that I'm having a battle of wits with a cat, but oh well.) I filled two syringe tubes, placed them out of sight and then pulled out my computer. That was enough to trick her to come out of hiding to lay next to me. She was not happy when I picked her and the tubes up. Poor kitty.

I'm so looking forward to tonight. Hubby has been in the Bay Area all week. It'll be nice to have him home.

Do you have any big plans for the Labor Day weekend? We're sticking around town! Must write!!!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

August Contest Winner

I was so tired this morning I totally forgot I needed to announce the winner of my August contest. The random number generator picked 11 which means...

Jane is the winner of the contest. Jane, I can't remember what the prize is and I'm too tired to check so go to the nav bar and see if you need to choose a gift card or books or what. Send me your choice (if there is one) as well as your email or snail address depending on prize. Please use the form on the Contact button.

Sorry to be so lazy about this, but I didn't get much sleep last night and just got home from two meetings. And have way too much to do still today.

A new contest is starting today. Prize will be a $10 gift card to your choice of Amazon or


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I spent a few hours at the Animal Hospital with Spirit, who is sick with a fever and digestive system problems. She'd been to the vet last week, but the medication they put her on didn't help.

She isn't supposed to eat for the next 24 hours which should be interesting to say the least. I hope the shots they gave her last night coupled with the medication I'm supposed to give her will have her on the road to recovery ASAP. I really can't take much more.

Hope you have a great first day of September. I still can't believe August is over with.