Monday, June 13, 2005

Out of my cave once again

Yes, I've been living in a cave. Okay, it's actually my house, a house that is now sold! For those wanting to sell their homes (we did ours as a FSBO), I have one word of advice-hire a stager. She was worth every penny. Of course, I realized just how much we hadn't done to our house in the almost eight years we've lived here, but I spent over two months doing everything she suggested (except I borrowed stuff from my wonderfully generous friends instead of buying it) and we had multiple offers the first weekend we held our open house.

So now I'm in packing mode. Our new house is still a lot of dirt. We'll be moving into temporary housing (an apartment, actually) and the kidlets couldn't be more excited. Me? I'm imagining four months of hissing fights. Between our cats, not the kids.

In between packing and trying to turn an outdoor kitty into an inside one, I'm also writing. Unfortunately Silhouette Romance will be ceasing publication in August 2006. (Harlequin Romance will be, too.) That means I won't have another Silhouette Romance out ever again. I was finally writing a sequel to my first Silhouette Romance, IF THE RING FITS, too. Oh, well.... at least we know how it would have ended-happily every after. I will be submitting to a new Harlequin/M&B line that will be starting publication in September 2006. I have a new editor in London and am waiting to hear back on some ideas I sent her.

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