Saturday, April 29, 2006

And the murderer is...

Tonight, my hubby and I attended a murder mystery party. It was a dinner party with two other couples. Each of us played a character. I was Marilyn Merlot (the theme was wine and murder) who is a Oscar nominated actress who hasn't returned to the wine country in five years. I wore a sequined dress, tiara, feather boa and heels. I even put on make-up. Second time this month! It was a great time. Good food and conversation and the best part was I guessed the murderer!!! I even figured out the motive. Yes, being a writer comes in handy when you least expect it!

So tomorrow's the big birthday party. My son's actual birthday was Friday, but with T-ball (I was the asst. coach this morning!), I didn't want any games to interfere with the party to I scheduled the party for Sunday.

I must pay tribute to an amazing godfather. One of my closest friends, Alex, is my son Finn's godfather. Alex has never missed sending a birthday or Christmas present. Ever. This isn't why we chose him as a godfather. I knew if something happened to us, Alex would be there (even long distance) to make sure Finn was being raised Catholic. But still this whole never forgetting thing (and having presents arrive on time) is quite an amazing feat. Most guys, my hubby included, just aren't that on top of things. I was sure, however, that this birthday would be different. Afterall, Alex and his wife had just welcomed twins, a beautiful boy and girl, to their family a few short weeks ago. Of course, a package arrived Friday. FedEx. For Finn. Of course, I feel like a total slackard since I don't have two newborns to feed and care for, yet I still haven't manage to get their baby gifts in the mail. It's horrible I know. I'm moving that task to the top of my To Do list! Which means maybe I'll have it done by June or July.

Okay, I'm too tired and have had too many glasses of wine tonight to write anymore. Sweet dreams!

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Tori Lennox said...

The murder mystery party sounds like a lot of fun!