Sunday, April 02, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Eleven years ago today, I got married. It was a beautiful ceremony in Babylon, NY and a lovely reception in Stoney Brook, NY. My best friends flew in from the Bay Area, Guatemala, London, Spokane and So. Cal. and it was so much fun. Tonight we're going to watch the video of the ceremony with the kids. Well, I will with the two girls since the males in this family gave up television for Lent!

Anniversaries used to be a big deal. Then we had kids. I can't remember doing something just the two of us on our actual anniversary date. We always plan something for another, more convenient date. This year we're planning to celebrate next weekend with a night away from the kids. I bought a brand new dress yesterday complete with shoes, necklace, earrings and bracelet.

So how did we spend today? Well, it hasn't been the most romantic of days. Our youngest woke us up at 6 am when she had to go potty. Unfortunately she'd already gone potty, in bed (long showers before bedtime are not a good idea!), so that meant she got to get into our bed. My dad showed up a little after 8 am to help my hubby put up the fence in our backyard. Then our oldest complained of a headache. I kissed her forehead and she was burning up so it was off to the doctors to make sure the strep wasn't back. It wasn't thank goodness. While my hubby built the fence outside, I sat on the couch with my sick little girl picking out her first communion invitation and favors.

But I really shouldn't complain. Only one kidlet is sick, not three. My proposal made it to London finally! And I'm married to the greatest guy in the world.


Sigrun said...

Hi, Melissa, I came across your name in my booklist again. I wondered if I'd missed any of your books. Well, it certainly appears that I have though there is a considerable difference between what's in the booklist and what I actually have. I'm a couple of years behind in cataloguing.

Belated Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. I can imagine that it's not easy to get away for an anniversary outing when your kids are young. I know our parents rarely did.

I'm glad I found your site because I'd been wondering what you've been doing. I've so enjoyed your books that I do keep looking for them but don't always have the money to buy them. I've been on Provincial disability support for over 10 years. That doesn't give me much money to support my needs sometimes and certainly few of my "wants", which is, unfortunately, the category books fall under.

I hope all your "kidlets" have recovered from all their aches and pains and bacteria and viruses, and you from your stressed back. I hope your husband at least has been well throughout. We may have passed near your home in 1997 but it sounds as if you haven't lived in Oregon for long. We have my uncle's family in Portland and up to Seattle, and well, one in Berlin, Germany and one in Wisconsin.

My mother, sister and I went there for a visit before my mother had Alzheimer's too badly to make travel meaningful. On the trip my sister, who lives about 4 hours from here, discovered how badly my mother was doing. She continually got lost even in a house and spent one night downstairs on the couch at my aunt's because she couldn't find the stairs to get back to her room. (BTW, my uncle and my father both died in 1983.)

Anyway, I hope you get your proposal done soon and that you have a great getaway with your husband to celebrate your anniversary.

May God continue to bless you and keep you all safe, even if there are injuries and some illnesses. And above all, may He keep your marriage and family intact.

Nikki said...

Congrats on the anniversary!!!!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, Sigrun and Nikki! I'm so looking forward to this weekend.

Sigrun - I know some of my books are in libraries so that's one way to catch up on my titles. Used bookstores are good, too, since many titles are out of print! I'm so stopped by and posted. Thanks:) I'm sorry to hear that your mother has Alzheimer's. One of my best friends from high school lost his mother to that. It is such a horrible disease. Hugs and prayers to your family.