Thursday, April 27, 2006

Peace and quiet

It's just me and the three cats this afternoon. The hubby is doing bus driver service so I have some time to write. I'm behind on the book. Nothing new. I'm always behind with writing, the To Do list, you name it. I don't want to tell you how many pages I must write every day between now and the 22nd of May because seeing it in print might just push me over the edge.

But write I will. And I may just get it done!

Unfortunately I keep making more work for myself outside of writing. Thinking I was being smart and efficient, I ordered party favors on-line for my son's birthday. You could only see the items, not how they came packaged, but they looked cute and I couldn't have put together a favor bag at the Dollar Store for less money. Imagine my surprise when a huge carton showed up. (Huge as in all three kids could play inside it at the same time.) What looked like a "little" pirate playset actually came packaged in a big, present-size box (approx. 10" x 24"). No way could I give those out as favors. Too big, too excessive, too expensive looking. I thought about sending them back, but my son was with me when I opened the box and loves them so now I'm stuck giving those out. I finally came up with a solution. The playsets are much smaller than the packaging so I'm taking each set out of the box, discarding the packaging and putting the pieces into goodie bags.

With all the writing I need to do I was thrilled to hear about a woman selling the secret to writing a romance novel. For $197, she'll tell you everything you need to know. I was tempted. I'd love to know the secret to writing a romance novel as well as the secret handshake to the published authors club. Eleven books sold, and I still don't know either one!

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Michelle said...

For my daughter's 2nd birthday, I skipped the party favors and gave each child a helium balloon to take home. The kids were thrilled, and it was so easy! Good luck with your son's party and the deadline. You're going to do great!