Monday, December 09, 2013

Amazon Top 100 Best Seller!

Home for Christmas is on sale for 99 cents with a Kindle Countdown Deal until Tuesday, December 10th. It's been so fun to watch the book rise in the rankings. I broke into the Amazon Top 100 on Wednesday night. That was my first time and I was so excited.

This is what I woke up to on Thursday morning:

Seeing the book so high on the overall ranking and on several bestseller lists is so thrilling. I took screen shots to capture the moment! Silly, but a fun thing to do given you never know what will happen with a book! This sure surprised me in a very good way.

Thank you! Click here if you want to go to the listing at Amazon.

On Wednesday I'm taking part in a six day blog hop. There will be a daily prize given away here on the blog so make sure you comment each day even though it'll be the same post!

Hope your week is starting well!


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How exciting!! I would've totally taken a screenshot, too.

Michelle Willms said...

Michelle Willms
Growing up, my mom and I cooked for days preparing for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There were only four of us (2 children), but we lived in a small Spanish village at the base of a mountain in New Mexico. On Christmas Eve, once darkness fell, visiting began. The village was circular, so people went around, bearing gifts of food and partaking of treats at every house. It was always a night of much laughter and sharing. Christmas Day, we opened gifts, ate a special breakfast, and prepared for visitors. Visiting lasted all day and late into the night. I miss this wonderful climate of sharing, where everyone loved everyone else, at least for two days.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet story, and the books look great!