Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Naughty and Nice Blog Hop - A Christmas Memory

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I remember the first Christmas after marrying my husband. We decided to stay in the Bay Area rather than fly to New York to be with his family or Oregon to be with mine. I was worried I might miss my family since I'd never spent Christmas away from them, but I had to admit a romantic first Christmas alone with my husband sounded pretty perfect to this newlywed and unpublished romance writer.

Of course being alone never happened. And forget about missing being home with my family. We were too busy, surrounded by loved ones...our friends!

Christmas Eve arrived with an invitation from a college friend to spend the evening with him and his family. His father cooked the most incredible dinner and gave me pointers to use for my Christmas dinner, ones I continue to use today. We watched my friend's sister-in-law light the Menorah, then said goodnight so we could attend Midnight Mass.

Christmas morning, my other best friend from college and her husband paid us a visit bearing good tidings and gifts. They gave us an engraved frame marking the occasion. We have a pic from that day in it! That afternoon, our apartment became the gathering place for anyone who didn't have a place to go. We ate Christmas dinner, the first I'd ever cooked, together!

Not much romantic alone time as we'd planned, but that was okay. Everything, and more importantly everyone, came together to give us a perfect first Christmas! Do you have a special memory of a Christmas you want to share? 

Sometimes getting together takes so much effort, but that Christmas plans fell into place perfectly, proof to me there really is Christmas magic, something that plays into each of my Christmas stories out now.

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Erika Messer said...

Name: Erika Messer
Twitter: Followed @austenfreak1976
Facebook: Followed Erika Messer
Blog: Followed Erika Messer - GFC
Country you live in: US
I love Christmas time, it's my favorite season! Love the decorations, the gift-giving, watching my child's eyes light up :)

Anonymous said...


dstoutholcomb said...

Thank you!

Denise Holcomb, follower of the blog/newsletter

fb: denise marie stout Holcomb


MBB street team

Stephanie said...

Any Christmas spent with family and friends is special. :)

I am following on FB (Stephanie Gibson) and twitter (@calstephanie) and followed blog by email (

Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Book Mama said...

Name: Marlene Entel
Comment: I hope I win the grand prize
Twitter: Followed
Facebook: Followed
Blog: Followed
Country you live in: US

Shari said...

Since we moved 14 years ago I miss spending the holidays with my family . 2 years ago my husband surprised me and flew my mom here. We had so much fun baking , shopping and just spending time together.
Twitter sbart79
Facebook Shari Drehs Bartholomew
Lives in the US

Valerie Moore said...

Name: Valerie Moore

Facebook: Followed by Valerie Jean Minne Moore

Country you live in: USA
Comment: I've loved your work, I've enjoyed the Copper Mountain series as well...

Christmas memories? It's hard to pick a favorite. I just know this one is going to be something else and I'm tempted to do Christmas in March or something just to make up for it. It looks like we are going to be moving at the end of the month so all of our Christmas stuff is in boxes, including the DVDs of Christmas movies and specials, no ornaments or trees this year... It's DEPRESSING! So I'm seriously thinking about changing the date of Christmas this year.

Janine said...

Name: Janine Rowe
Twitter: Followed @JanineRowe7
Facebook: Followed by Janine Rowe
Blog: Followed by Janine Rowe
Country you live in: US
Comment: I enjoyed hearing about your first Christmas. Holidays have always been very stressful for me. I would love a Christmas alone, maybe take a trip some place tropical one year.

joye said...

Joy Isley
I follow the blog and signed for your newsletter.
I live in Arizona
Merry Christmas

Vanessa Morgan said...

Name: Vanessa Morgan
Twitter: Followed @eeriestories
Blog: Followed by Vanessa Morgan
Country you live in: Belgium
Comment: I'd love to feature your book Mistletoe Magic on my cat blog Traveling Cats. Let me know if this is something you're interested in ;-)

Anonymous said...

Name Melinda Garza
Twitter followed @melindagarza15
Facebook: Followed Melinda Garza
Blog: Followed by Melinda Garza
Country you live in: usa
Comment: i just love your blog diary. It is so cute and I am really enjoying your books.

Kimberlyindy said...

Kimberly Field
kdfieldca at yahoo dot com
twitter kimberlyindy1
fb Kimberly Field
I am pretty sure I am following you on fb, twitter and the blog

Thanks for sharing. I miss big family Christmas dinners.

Kimberly Mayberry said...

Name: Kimberly Mayberry
Comment: I really don't have any special memories to share, but we have lost a lot of immediate family members in the last five years, so each Christmas we spend together is even more cherished.
Twitter: Followed - @SexyWriter69
Facebook: Followed – Kimberly Mayberry
Blog: Followed
Country you live in: US

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks so much for all the comments! I will be back later to reply. I've been sick (on antibiotics) but over did it and needed a break yesterday!

I did head over to so I could pick a winner of the first $5 gc. It's Shari! I'll contact her to see what gc she wants. Thanks so much and I'll pick a winner each day from all the commenters!


Anonymous said...

Name: Barbara
Twitter: Followed
Facebook: Followed
Blog: Followed
Country you live in: USA
Comment:I love everything about the holidays!

Elisabeth said...

Name: Elisabeth Ringvard
Twitter: Followed @ringvard
Facebook: Followed by Ringvard
Blog: Followed you
Country you live in: US
Comment: Love this blog. What a great bunch of memories.

Eva Millien said...

Eva Millien
evamillien at gmail dot com
I love Christmas, hearing about different traditions and following my own are such a treat. thanks for sharing the hop and giveaway. Wishing everyone a wonderful and magical holiday season!
Facebook - done
Twitter - done
blog - email

Brandy said...

One of most memorable Christmases is the first year we were parents. We stressed and worried that our daughter would enjoy the gifts we bought her and she was most happy with the bright paper and boxes. I'm not entering, just commenting. Hope everyone is feeling better!

Melissa McClone said...

Thursday's winner of a $5 GC is Elisabeth! Congrats!

Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much Melissa. That made my day :-)

Carey Abbott said...

Time for another prize give away and the winner is...Elizabeth Ringvard! You have won a signed book (Snow Balls) from author Tara Lain. I will contact all the winners towards the end of the hop. Congrats!

Quilt Lady said...

Name:Virginia Horton
Comment: I have been trying to hit some of these but having problelms keeping up.
Twitter: Followed
FaceBook: Followed

Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much. I can't wait to start reading.

Melissa McClone said...

Saturday's $5 gc winner is Denise. I will be mailing them out later today. Sorry for the delay but my other two kids ended up with strep, too! I've been busy :)


And I love reading all about these Christmas memories. My friend's father died last year. And whenever I make mashed potatoes I always think back to our conversation in my friend's apt. kitchen that Christmas Eve as he shared his tricks for making certain holiday side dishes.

Anonymous said...

Name: Marcy Shuler
Email: bmndshuler(at)hotmail(dot)com
Facebook: Followed by Marcy Shuler
Country you live in: USA
Comment: I enjoyed MISTLETOE MAGIC and I just started reading HOME FOR CHRISTMAS this morning. I used to make gingerbread houses like the heroine does. So much fun.

Melissa McClone said...

Sunday's daily winner of a $5 gc is Valerie. Congrats!

amy bowens said...

Name: Amy Bowens
Comment: The first year that I my parents and smaller sibling moved away I was very down my boyfriend and I had a Charlie Brown tree with hardly no presents under the tree the house was a mess we had just moved in couldn't find anything, when on Christmas eve there was a knock at my door and I got an amazing surprise my family had made it home just in time for Christmas eve dinner so happy and I ended up having a great Christmas! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Twitter: Followed
Facebook: Followed
Blog: Followed
Country USA

Shadow said...

Name: Shadow Kohler
Email: shadowluvs2read(at)gmail(dot)com
Comment: Hi! Your books all look so wonderful! Ive had A Little Bit of Holiday Magic on my tbr for awhile now. Cant wait to check it out! Thank you for sharing! My family is a bit different when i come to christmas. Every year, we used to go to my dads, eat dinner, make sugar cookies, and open presents. But the older us kids got, the more we realized how much we hated going there. My aunt, mema and cousins werent nice. They were always cruel to my parents about what they got them, and how everything wasnt good enough, they wanted better and more. So, about 6 years ago, we started celebrating with just us. And i love it! We cook dinner together, sing songs. We watch christmas movies and play games. The year before last, we spent more than two hours playing monopoly. lol I love the way we celebrate now. No fighting, just bonding time. And everyone laughs! :) Ya all are so awesome! Thank you for the amazing giveaway! Very much appreciated! Thank you! Happy holidays!
Facebook: Shadow Kohler
​Followed Blog: ​GFC: shadow_kohler
Country you live in: US

Carey Abbott said...

Valerie Moore you have won an copy of Lovable Christmas Angel by Mimi Barbour. Congrats! I will contact you after the hop is over.

bn100 said...

Name: bn100
Email: bn100candg at hotmail dot com
Comment: Interesting books
Country you live in: US

Melissa McClone said...

Monday's daily winner of a 5 gc is Janine!

I'll post a new blog later with the three winners of the end of blog hop gift cards!

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