Thursday, April 03, 2014

Norwegian Elkhound Puppies - Astra's Second Litter

On deadline, but wanted to take time out to share these adorable Norwegian Elkhound puppy pics with you! These are from Astra's most recent litter out of our breeder Jan Herinckx in Hillsboro, Oregon. You might remember Astra from previous posts. Mackenna has shown her in juniors and the breed ring. Rose used her for 4-H.

Aren't the pups oh-so-cute? Hard to believe our Cato was little just a year ago!


Sally Shupe said...

Love your pictures of the Elkhounds! I had one for over 10 years. I miss him. These puppies are adorable!

Quilt Lady said...

These puppies are so cute and makes me want one.

joye said...

Makes me sad to see the photos since i had an Elkhound for about 12 years. He was the smartest dog I ever owned and I miss him. However, these puppies look adorable and with a lot of personality.