Thursday, June 19, 2008


What does it mean to not be a writer on deadline?

1. I slept in until after 8 am

2. I made the kidlets breakfast (my five year old can now make her own toast or heat up a frozen waffle on her own. Yikes!)

3. I talked to people on the phone (i.e. I actually dialed a couple of times and answered when it rang!)

4. I folded laundry and cleaned up the reams of paper strewn across the floor of my bedroom

5. I took the kidlets out to lunch, ate there and let them each have a 25 cent ATV ride

6. I napped and didn't feel guilty

7. I rubbed and loved my pets

8. I ordered refills on cat's Hyper T medicine

9. I went to Crossfit and made it through 3 rounds (WOD: run, 15 medicine ball throws 10#) even though sweat was running down my back and I was sure I'd stop breathing any minute and die

8. I went to the grocery store. Boy, have prices gone up since the last time I was there

9. I ate dinner with the family instead of at my computer

10. I watched a movie with my family, National Treasure, which none of us had scene before. We loved it! Now we want to see the sequel

11. I started reading a book that arrived a couple of weeks ago, The Latin-Centered Curriculum (a homeschooling book)

12. I critiqued an online read for a Steeple Hill author

Next up, finish sending all those blog contest prizes out! I'm way, way behind! Getting info for my new author page to LASR. Commenting on all my favorite blogs. Figuring what to work on next. Sleeping as much as possible!

When you have/feel a newfound sense of freedom, what do you do?


Amy said...

I indulge. Movies. Books. Lazing about on the couch. Cooking things that take longer than 20 minutes. Baking sweets.

So glad you're done. Yay for the sleep. That will really help with the health.

I went to the grocery store. Boy, have prices gone up since the last time I was there

You know, I think this every time I go, too. And I go twice a week. ;)

Dru said...

I like to do all the bad things I shouldn't, like dine at a nice restaurant, buy something I want but not need, take longer naps, go book shopping, go electronics shopping or just plain pamper myself.

I'm glad you had the freedom to do all the things you listed.

Welcome back, because we missed you.

Have a good Thursday.

windycindy said...

Anything and everything! Cindi

Brandy said...

I'm glad you're resting and spending time with your family!
When I have time to relax, I usually read or spend it with the family.

And the grocery store? Oh, yeah. *sigh*

Have a FANTASTIC day!

catslady said...

I would really hate deadlines but I guess without them...
Just being able to do things that you want to do or having time to do the things that need to be done must feel fantastic. Of course the need to write will come back soon and there you'll go again but ultimately it too is what you want/have to do :) Too bad there aren't more hours in the day but then we'd only fill them up anyway lol.

Nathalie said...

I usually sleep and then go out with my mom to shop plus eat at some nice restaurant :)

Dena said...

I always try to get more sleep because I can never sleep more than 4-5 hours at a time.

limecello said...

I veg. I'm sooo looking forward to my one week in August. I think I was clubbed over the head - I don't know what, but I decided to take summer school classes for the first time in my life. Never in high school, never in undergrad, no. I decide to do that in law school. And two of the hardest classes there are. Condensed to 5 weeks. Mostly because I hate myself. My final is Friday and I know nothing. This is not good. [So of course, I'm playing on the internet!] :P
I plan on sleeping til whenever I can (hopefully it's later than 9 am) - and reading. And sitting in front of the tv. And eating a lot of ice cream that I make. Haha.