Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Under the Dome

Is anyone watching Under the Dome, a 13 episode summer series on Monday's at 10 pm on CBS?

I am.

The kids introduced me to the series when we were in Sunriver on vacation. I caught up on episodes via Amazon Prime and Comcast On-Demand.

The series is based on a Stephen King novel, but according to readers the show is different from the book. Some is good. Other parts silly. The rest falls in the middle. But we're enjoying it.

I like the idea of a show not dragging out for years. I find the actual dome thingy interesting more so than some of the drama going on, but maybe that's the engineer in me. The show's focus is the characters reacting to being under the dome, but I'm still trying to figure people out on the show. I will likely read the novel once the miniseries is over just to see how King wrote it. I'm curious to see the characters in the book vs. those in the show.

Are there any summer shoes you're watching and would recommend?


Maria Zannini said...

I could only manage the first episode, but I think hubby is still watching it.

The nerd in me found too many flaws in the science, though I really wanted to know that ex-soldier's story.

Tori Lennox said...

Oh I love Under the Dome! I'm not usually a fan of Stephen King but I adore Haven on SyFy which is also based on his work. I don't worry about the science on shows like this. :)

Melissa McClone said...

Maria - they got into the former soldier's backstory last night. Very interesting. At least to me. I really like him.

Tori - yes, on shows like this you have suspend disbelief. We've been having fun trying to come up with our own ideas for the dome. I've never heard of Haven. I am a Stephen King fan so will have to check it out. I just don't watch TV much so miss previews and such. But I'm very glad to know I have someone I can talk about this show with who is older than 15!

Quilt Lady said...

I think we have watched one of them and then have a couple of them recorded. Haven't had time to watch them yet.

Brandy said...

We're not watching it. I prefer Rizzoli&Isles and King and Maxwell. I've liked some mini-series that were based on works by Stephen King, and Haven is a great show. However, the book Haven is based upon doesn't have much to do with the show.
Hope your week is going well!