Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The New Prince

Social media has been ga-ga over the birth of the third in line for the crown in the UK. Some people are thrilled. Other's don't get it. I love reading about royalty and writing about them, too, so for me yesterday was a fun day full of happy news. And in honor of the royal birth, here are a couple things for you:

1) USA Today released a royal name generator based on your initials. Click here. My name is The Grand Empress Victoria The Mostly Victorious. I'm kinda wondering what the whole "Mostly Victorious" means. As a friend posted to me, it doesn't sound like a compliment. What's your royal name?

2) My Teaser Tuesday on Faceback is from my royalty themed book Expecting Royal Twins. Click here to read.

3) A story and the video of town crier announcing the royal birth at SF Gate. Click here. Turns out he "crashed the party."

Hope you have a great day!