Monday, July 01, 2013


Dinner in Sunriver Village
The family and I (dogs included) are taking a much needed vacation this week. The cats are at home with our housesitter extraordinaire, my dear friend Jenny, who takes such good care of them I don't have to worry one bit.

We arrived in Sunriver, Oregon yesterday afternoon. It's our same time, next year vacation. We're staying at the same house we stayed this time last year. The kids already had sleeping arrangements planned and didn't need any help getting settled.

The weather is gorgeous, but hot. So glad the house we rented has a/c.

 My kids are big on traditions so we ended up eating dinner at the same place we did last year our first night here, El Caporal. Something new this year was the kids having to take pics of their drinks and food. We've been invaded by Instagram!

This morning hubby and I went for a jog before the kids woke up. We'll be spending the morning at the pool before it gets too hot. Of course, with state swim meets coming up, the kiddos will be doing a few swim practices with a local USA Swim team in the area. But I think they're looking forward to that. At least Finn!

Hope you have a great day!


Tori Lennox said...

Is that Mackenna with her dad????

Melissa McClone said...

Yes. Can you believe it? She'll be a HS sophomore in the fall. I'm still in denial. She's now much taller than me. Remember when she was just a baby or in my tummy? LOL!

Dru said...

Enjoy your vacation. I can't believe she has grown.

Skye Harrison said...

sweet.... nice pic. Twin City Attorneys

Ipe Wood Decking Wholesale said...

Wow! a father and a daughter bonding :)

Tori Lennox said...

All these kids from back in the day have GOT to stop growing up so fast!!! :)