Friday, April 16, 2010

Norwegian Elkhound Puppies

Earlier this week, the kidlets and I drove to Hillsboro, Oregon to visit three 9 week old Norwegian Elkhound puppies. I think Chaos might be the half-aunt of these cuties. I forget the exact lineage of the mom, Cassie. My camera is in Taiwan with hubby, so the breeder provided these pictures and said I could use them on the blog!

We'd never seen Elkhounds this young before. I think Tango, one of Chaos' puppies we met, was a few weeks older than these. I remember her being bigger, longer legs and not so round a belly. It was almost exactly this time two years ago that we adopted Chaos.

These nine week old puppies are so cute, the definition of adorable. They are bundles of energy. Biting on shoes, hair, whatever they can get their mouths on. They ran around the fenced in area chasing kidlets, balls and sticks. We played with them for two hours. All of us were worn out!

The breeder identifies the puppies by color. Each wears a colored tag. The three left were red, blue and green. They were all set to be placed in homes by the weekend which is why we needed to get over there earlier in the week. All are considered show quality right now. The kids thought it would be fun to watch them compete when they were older.

Fortunately for hubby, all the puppies were already spoken. The kids fell in love and if they knew any of them hadn't had a home yet there would have been begging, tears and wailing! I haven't really considered getting a puppy before but now that we've had some dog experience with Chaos, it might be an option in the future.