Saturday, March 23, 2013

Birthday day!

Happy Birthday Mackenna! My oldest turns 15 today! Hard to believe she's that old. I still remember when we called her "goo goo baby!"

She isn't getting a pretty, shiny bell like the LOLcat on the left. No, Mackenna is getting an iPhone. She actually got it yesterday when we took her to the phone store to pick out what she wanted. Given the monthly fees we told her that's all she's getting. I said I'd wrap it up for her to open. She wanted it right then. Made my life easy!

But no worries about a lack of gifts, she's been receiving envelopes and stuff from family members so she'll have stuff to open today!

I woke up this morning thinking about one of the story ideas I've been brainstorming and tinkering with. That was a good feeling!

I should be able to write a little before kidlets wake up, but then it's time to finish cleaning the downstairs. I must admit it feels so nice to walk into a house that isn't cluttered! I have a bad habit of letting stuff pile up while on deadline. We'll be heading to Costco this morning to. Mackenna has asked for a special dinner tonight:

Appetizer: Cheese fondue from Gustav's (a German restaurant that I'll get take-out from)
Salad: Caesar Salad (from Costco - her fave)
Veggie: Roasted Asparagas
Main Entree: Grilled Salmon and Steak
Bread: Artisan loaf
Dessert: Chocolate Fondue (Chocolate sauce recipe from Joy of Cooking)

A pretty easy meal!

Then she wants to watch Les Mis. We bought the Blu Ray yesterday.

That'll be my day. What about you?