Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Random Wednesday

My week is completely messed up from the snow day on Monday. Having Friday off didn't help. I keep thinking it's the wrong day. So just a few things for you today while I keep reminding myself it's Wednesday.

• 4 days of unable to go or do anything, right? Monday night, Rose tells me she needs Valentine's for her class party. No worries, right? Drive to Target, buy a box, sign them, we're good. Wrong. She wants to make them like we did last year. So last night we went to the Dollar Store and Walgreens. Managed to get everything we needed except gumballs. That will be my quest today. 300 gumballs. Don't ask.

• If you're looking for an act of kindness to do, send Colin a birthday card for his 11th birthday. My youngest just turned eleven in January. Colin told his mom he has no friends so there was no need for a party. Colin has Asperger's Syndrome. Here's the article with the story from ABC. Here's the Facebook page his mom set up. You leave a birthday greeting or you can find out where to send birthday cards or you can do both. Let's show Colin he does have friends, lots of them!

• The men's halfpipe? Where you as surprised as me by the outcome? At least we had gold in the Slopestyle. Nice to see a US Woman medal in luge. Watching that German speed skater get disqualified for false starts was heartwrenching. I missed all the skating. I was writing.

Anything random you want to share?