Home for Christmas hit #62 on the Kindle Bestseller list! The novella also won the 2013 SnowGlobe Award! Woo-hoo now I'm both an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author and an award winning one, too!

Thanks for all your support!

Home For Christmas is entered in the SnowGlobe Award Contest. Check out these happenings in November and December. I could use your support! Below is the schedule of events!

I've copied this from the SnowGlobe Award website: 
November 25-November 27-Favorite Cover Contest! On November 27, the winning cover will be announced and a voter entry will be randomly selected and both winners will receive a $10 amazon gift card.
November 28-November 30-Catchiest Opening Lines! On November 30, the winning opening lines will be announced and a voter entry will be randomly selected and both winners will receive a $10 amazon gift card.
December 2-December 5-Most Intriguing Excerpt! December 6th, the winning excerpt will be announced and a voter entry will be randomly selected and both winners will receive a $10 amazon gift card.
December 9-December 14th-Three Rounds of Guess the Author! Three winning voters will be randomly selected at the end of the week (Dec 15th) and will receive $10 gift cards. Sorry, no author prizes for this round:)
December 16-December 20-Favorite Title Contest! Winning author will be announced December 21 and one voter entry will be randomly selected and both winners will receive a $10 amazon gift card.
December 24-Top three entries will be announced.
December 24-December 31-Top three entries will be judged by an independent published author and three independent readers of romance fiction to determine the winner.
January 1-Winner announced here on the blog!

In August, I'm participating in LASR's 5th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt!

They're hosting a week long scavenger hunt between August 20 - 24, 2012.

Prizes: $100 GC, $50 GC, $25 GC + several small GCs and prizes (including books, publisher GCs and author swag) to be determined.

I'll post more info as I have it! I did this last year and people seemed to have fun on their hunt!

 Link to the scavenger hunt to come, too!

In July, I'll be attending the RWA National Conference in Anaheim, CA, but I won't be doing the Literacy Signing. I'm going to use that time to visit my fave authors this year!

My May '12 release IT STARTED WITH A CRUSH received a 4 from RT Book Reviews:
IT STARTED WITH A CRUSH … (4) by Melissa McClone: Lucy Martin is caring for her young nephew while his parents are serving in the Reserves. The young boy, desperate to find a new coach for the soccer team that his father used to lead, asks Lucy to see if injured soccer star Ryland James would be willing to coach. As a teenager, Lucy had a big crush on the soccer player from the wrong side of town. Ryland is unhappy to be back in the town where people had no respect for him until he became a national soccer star. Great characters and heartwarming moments make McClone’s latest novel a pleasure to read.

Reviewed By: Roseann Marlett

I'm not doing a virtual book tour for Firefighter Under the Mistletoe, but I have set up a few guest blogging appearances for November and December. I hope to add a couple more.

• Sunday November 6th - Goddess Fish Group Release Party (giveaway)

• Monday November 7th - LASR Guest Blogger

• Monday November 28th - Me, My Muse and I (giveaway)

• Wednesday November 30th - Paty Jager

• Friday December 9th - Rachael Johns


Firefighter Under the Mistletoe received a 4 from RT Book Reviews. Here's what the reviewer had to say:
FIREFIGHTER UNDER THE MISTLETOE (4) by Melissa McClone: Great chemistry between primary and secondary characters and a detailed rescue narrative bring this story to life. McClone revisits characters from previous novels without slowing the pace. When rescue paramedic and firefighter Leanne Thomas saves her colleague Christian Welton and his cousin after a skiing accident, unexpected sparks fly. The slow admission of their feelings fits well for a romance set in a male-dominated workplace. The revelation of past trauma in Leanne’s life makes her a character that readers will care about.

Reviewed By: Roseann Marlett

Not-So-Perfect Princess received a 3 from RT Book Club. Here's what the reviewer had to say:
NOT-SO-PERFECT PRINCESS (3) by Melissa McClone: After having several arranged-marriage deals fall through, Princess Juliana of Aliestle is determined to make her father’s latest pick work out. (Some readers may remember that Juliana is the jilted fiancée of Prince Nico of Veronia.) Upon meeting Prince Enrique, Juliana is surprised to find herself attracted to his younger brother, Alejandro. Will she obey her father’s wishes and proceed with the arranged marriage, or will she follow her heart and go after the black-sheep brother who shares her love of sailing? This is a fun read, but not emotionally gripping.

Reviewed By: Roseann Marlett

I'm kicking off a new Virtual Book Tour in July to promote my new release. I'll be giving away a $20 Amazon gift card to one commenter at the end of the tour as well as a set of Romance Trading Cards at each stop. All you have to do to enter is post a comment. Multiple entries aloud. I hope to see you during my tour. Here are the tour stops:

7/5/2011: Goddess Fish Party Pavilion
7/6/2011: Book Junkie - What Inspired Me to Write my Book
7/7/2011: Bookworm Lisa - Interview
7/8/2011: LASR Reviews
7/11/2011: Theresa Stillwagon - Interview
7/12/2011: Where Fantasy and Love Take Flight - A Tale of Two Princes - I write about Alejandro and Enrique from Not-So-Perfect Princess
7/13/2011: Romance That's Out of This World - Sailing Research
7/14/2011: A Chick Who Reads - Royal Characters
7/15/2011: Realmantic Moments - Interview
7/18/2011: Me, My Muse, and I Princess Romances
7/19/2011: Sugarbeat's Books - Ideas & Inspiration
7/20/2011: Grace Elliot- gripping historical romance - Using Pets as Inspiration
7/21/2011: Delaney Diamond - Why I Write Sweet Romances
7/22/2011: Books R Us - Review & How I came up with the novel
7/25/2011: Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews - Interview
7/26/2011: Black Velvet Seductions Reader's Blog - Following Your Heart

BIG NEWS! My November '10 Harlequin Romance Christmas Magic on the Mountain is a RITA® Finalist in the Contemporary Series Category!

This is the equivalent of an Oscar Nomination for a romance writer. Needless to say, I'm stunned, thrilled, you name it! The winner will be announced at the National RWA Conference in NY in June. I'll have to go shopping for a new dress!

I'm doing a Virtual Book Tour to promote my new Harlequin Romance release Expecting Royal Twins!  One commenter from the tour will win a $20 gift certificate so be sure to visit me at each stop. Your comment will get you an entry.

Here's were I'll be:

February 11: Launch Party at Goddess Fish Party Pavilion
February 14: Hearticles
February 15: Grace Elliot- gripping historical romance
February 17: Book Junkie
February 21: Romance That's Out of This World
February 22: My Eclectic Bookshelf
February 24: The Heart of Romance
February 25: Sandra's Blog
February 28: Me, My Muse and I
March 1: Ryshia Kennie's - Once Upon A Time...


Expecting Royal Twins! received a 4 from RT. Here's what the reviewer had to say:
EXPECTING ROYAL TWINS! (4) by Melissa McClone: Nikola Kresimir, crown prince of Vernonia, arrives at the North Carolina garage where Isabel Poussard works as an auto mechanic. The Balkan prince shocks Izzy by informing her that she is really a princess from Vernonia and his child bride. Niko takes her to Vernonia to reclaim her title and fortune, and to annul their marriage so he can marry another princess. McClone tells a fast-paced, fun tale in a way that makes the lost-princess plot seem surprisingly fresh. War-weary Niko comes across as an insightful character who holds a true respect for Izzy’s tough, working-class values.

Reviewed By: Roseann Marlett

Christmas Magic on the Mountain received a 4 1/2 and was a TOP PICK! from RT. Here's what the reviewer had to say:
CHRISTMAS MAGIC ON THE MOUNTAIN (4 1/2) by Melissa McClone: When Sean Hughes picks up hitchhiker Zoe Flynn to give her a ride up the mountain for a day of skiing and ends up inviting her to a family Thanksgiving dinner, he never dreams he¹ll be passing her off as his girlfriend for a few weeks. Former wild child Zoe has been exiled by her politically powerful family after one too many tabloid headlines. When Sean is hospitalized after a fall from the mountain, Zoe is conscripted to be his nurse and she hopes it will prove to her own family that she's grown up. On the other hand, her close confinement with sexy Sean is liable to produce a few new headlines - especially when he finds out who she really is. An inept free-spirit hooks up with a down-to-earth rescue ranger in this sweetly romantic and sexy holiday romance that readers will find the perfect fit for their Christmas stocking reading.

Reviewed By: Pat Cooper

My eHarlequin on-line read, Snow-Kissed Reunion, is now available. Go to the booklist for a link.

I'll be blogging at the Pink Heart Society on Saturday, November 6th.

I'm going to be the Spotlight Author at Long and Short Reviews the week of November 22nd. I'll be giving away a $20 Amazon gift certificate so make sure you stop by!

I was asked to write an on-line read for I'm going to set the story in Hood Hamlet on Mount Hood, the same place as my upcoming November release and 2008's Rescued by the Magic of Christmas!

The working title is THE RIDE OF THEIR LIVES and it features a heroine and hero who snowboard. I did think about what happened to Kevin Pearce when I came up with the idea, but made my heroine the one who had fallen in a competition before the 2006 Olympic trials.

The eight installment story should start sometime in September! All I have to do is get it written!

My last Harlequin Romance was out in September 2009, but I'll have three books hitting the shelf with only a couple of months between each release. You'll find Wedding Date with the Best Man (Book 4 of the Girls Weekend in Vegas miniseries) out in September 2010, Christmas Magic on the Mountain (a sequel to Rescued by the Magic of Christmas) in November 2010 and Expecting: Royal Twins! in February 2011!