Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Fun

Here's an entertaining video that I got from a post by Maggie Shayne on one of my loops. It's from a few trash-talking RITA finalist romance writers. Enjoy if you haven't already seen this!

I went to the library with the kidlets. Found a book called Me and Mr. Darcy. The Amazon reviews on it are mixed, but the concept is cute so I'll give it try. But I was too tired to even read today. Scary.

I paid another visit to...urgent care again. Finn fell on his bike to avoid hitting his little sister and really hurt himself, but luckily his wrist isn't broken just sprained. That's two Thursdays in a row he's paid a visit there. Not fun! Seriously though, enough is enough of these injuries and illnesses. It's got to stop.

I've got Crossfit this morning. We're off to family camp later today. It'll be fun to get away for a couple of days. In between I need to check more off my To Do list.

Be back on Sunday and hopefully not be so brain-dead writing/blogging-wise. I still don't feel as if I'm all here. I was on google reader yesterday, thought about commenting for about a nanosecond then the words blurred. I will be visiting my fave blogs and getting into the routine again when I get back from our trip. I think I'm just tapped out creatively right now and don't feel like typing or thinking up one extra word! Sorry to my wonderful friends who blog. But this deadline really did me in! And if you've emailed me, please be patient. I am way, way behind there, too!


Dru said...

Enjoy your weekend. You truly deserve it.

See you when you return.

pps..sorry about all the health problems, hopefully this will be the last of it for awhile, at least.

Melissa said...

Thanks Dru!

Hope you have a great weekend, too!

Marianne Arkins said...

Wishing you a happy weekend of recovery!

Brandy said...

Goodness, I hope Finn doesn't have any more trips for a while.
I hope you have a fantastic time away and that you rest!

Amy said...

Ah, what a difference boys are, eh? I hope Finn is okay. And at least he didn't clock his sister with his bike. That was very gallant.

How are your hands doing with CrossFit?

Have a fun weekend!

catslady said...

Hope everyone has a great weekend and gets some fun in and no emergency trips!!

Lily said...

ER visits are always stressing...

Have a nice week-end ;)

Nathalie said...

Glad it was just a strain... though he had a great reflex! It could have been worse!

It must be great to have a relaxing week-end with your family!

limecello said...

Oh your poor kids - hopefully they've maxed out on urgent care visits! It's no fun - I actually forgot I was in a car accident a few weeks ago, so I feel maxed out on doctors and such as well. [Haha - that's not a good sign, right?]
Hopefully you and everyone else in your family is recovering nicely.