Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mean Cat

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Spirit, my grey kitty, keeps getting meaner. She'll be thirteen years old this month. I thought she might mellow, but nope. It keeps getting worse. She will attack the other cats. The dog, too. She wants what she wants and makes sure she gets it whether it's a chair to sit on, the bed to herself or rubs. It's really annoying because she can also be the sweetest kitty in the world when she wants to be.

I have spoiled all the pets rotten, but no one else has turned into a mean girl (or boy.) Guess she wants to make sure she remains top cat around her. But it's sad how all the other pets now keep their distance from her.

Hope you have a good day and are surrounded by nice people and animals :-)


Brandy said...

Some cats do that. We have one cat that the older she gets the crankier she gets and will smack the other cats as they walk past her. They are learning to keep a wide berth as they walk past.
I hope you have a good day!

catslady said...

I agree and 13 seems to be the time when you notice their aging. I have two that age and one has those symptoms. My oldest lived to 17 and she use to yell at me all the time lol.