Friday, September 21, 2012



I can so relate to the LOLcat above. It's exactly how I feel at the moment! I could really use some halp. I mean, help!

Whatever head cold I had last week is coming back even worse this week, had an emergency with our dog Chaos yesterday afternoon (she's going to be fine and is already feeling better with the meds the vet prescribed) and I have been orphaned by my editor. Second time this year it's happened to me.

The good news is my old and new editors like the direction of the proposal. Just a couple of tweaks which is so much better than a total revision. I'll work on those this morning and then keep moving forward with the story.

What are you up to today?


Jennifer Shirk said...

Jeez! You have been a busy this week...

Quilt Lady said...

You are one busy women! Sorry to hear about your cold but its that time of year. Hope Chaos.

Jane said...

Happy to hear Chaos is doing better already.

Maria Zannini said...

Oh, lord. You are getting it from all sides.

At least Chaos is stable. Now we have to get you back to rights.

I hate that orphaned feeling, but at least your new editor is on board.

Take care, hon.

Brandy said...

Yikes. You're having quite the week! I hope Chaos is okay and that you remember to take care of YOU. Plus, lots of vitamin C thoughts being sent your way.
Sorry to hear you've lost another editor, I hope your new one is pleasant to work with!

Dru said...

It is just not your week. I'm glad that Chaos is doing better.

Take care of yourself.

Looks like the new editor is on the same wavelength as you. Much success.