Saturday, September 08, 2012

Top 10 Posts

funny cat pictures - You'll see! You'll all see !!!
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Busy day in the McClone household. Soccer begins and we officially end the summer season of swimming!  I'm also busy trying to write a manuscript and the youngest two starting their school year on Monday, so I decided to do a Top 10 Posts on my blog for this weekend.

 I used the stats from google to determine this list and recycled the top LOLcat (from the #2 post) above. So here they are:

10.  Rulers of the World - 390 Views

9. Best Mom Ever - 440 Views

8.  Being a Writer - 441 Views

7.  I think I want to marry you - 474 Views

6.  CATvengers! - 487 Views

5.  Reading - 723 Views

4.  Mr. and Mrs. Harder - 743 Views

3.  Crossfit - Lynne - 1819 Views

2.  Hunger Games - the Day After - 2019 Views

1.  Norwegian Elkhound Puppies - 8145 Views

What does this list tell me?  Just because I don't get a lot of comments doesn't mean people aren't reading posts. Not one post about my books made the list. My blog readers like cats especially LOLcats. Movie posts are popular. And I should be doing lots more posts with Norwegian Elkhound Puppies! LOL!

Does that list tell you anything I should know?

Have a great weekend!