Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

I wish I could spend my Labor Day napping and relaxing, but I'll be writing. This weekend has been all about spending time with my oldest before she starts high school tomorrow and working on my current manuscript I'm calling Bachelor of the Year.

I've stayed up late each night trying to get more words written. That means sleeping in each morning which is a total luxury for me. I expected to do the same this morning. After all, it is Labor Day!

Imagine my surprise when, in pitch blackness, I saw hubby sitting on the edge of the bed putting on his shoes.

Me:  Where are you going?

Him:  The gym.

Me:  What time is it?

Him:  Five.

Me (annoyed I'm awake so early): It's Labor Day.

Him:  I know.

Me: Holiday hours.

Him: There's nothing on the website.

Me: It's not open this early.

Him: Why wouldn't it be open?

Me (wanting to go back to sleep): Just call so you don't waste a trip over there.

I roll over to try to get more sleep. Trying and failing. A short time later, the mattress depresses next to me. It's hubby.

Him: The gym doesn't open until seven.

Seven. That would have been a much better wake up time than five. Oh, well.... Happy Labor Day!