Friday, September 07, 2012

High School Swimming

If not for sits... why is it made of warm? -

It seems like a kitty is sitting on my keyboard with the amount of writing I got done yesterday, but I realized with the start of school I'm just back to the same-old-same nine months of the year. Sigh...

I attended my first high school swim meet yesterday. I had no idea they charged you to get in. I've been to State, Sectionals, tons of local meets and never had to pay admission, even at the same pool I was at yesterday. I rarely carry cash. I had only change in my purse. Oops! Given I'd driven our team (bus driver mom) they let it slide otherwise I'd have been searching a town I don't know for an ATM machine! Note to self: keep at least a ten dollar bill in wallet during swim season!

It was a relay only meet. Muggy. Hot. Lots of screaming girls. Crowded stands.

I managed to revise about a chapter so was happy about that!

The hardest part of the meet wasn't the hour long drive there and back, but when we arrived home. It was almost nine o'clock and there was still homework to do. I felt so bad for my daughter. She's exhausted this morning. Poor kid.

But I suppose time management is part of her education and maybe laughing and talking the drive up or the entire time at the meet when only swimming three events wasn't the best use of her time. Lesson learned. Like carrying cash!

Hope you have a nice Friday!


Jane said...

I always keeps a few bucks tucked in the wallet for emergencies.

Quilt Lady said...

Live and learn. I always carry some cash on me at all times, you never know when you will need it.

Brandy said...

I hardly ever carry cash so can understand your dilemma. I've never heard of charging an entrance fee to a swim meet. Teens and time management don't go together very well. Good luck!
Hope you had a great Friday!