Sunday, September 02, 2012


On my quest to figure out what to do about LOLcats with the changes to, I decided to do some more googling. This morning I found this article on 10 Popular Meme Generators on Number 9 on the list was something called iMeme.

iMeme is an app. An easy to use app which is key for a non-techie like me. I made the pic to the right in less than a minute. The longest time was spent figuring out how to upload a pic ("Open" does it!) In my defense, my brain isn't functioning on all cylinders yet after sleeping in following a late night writing!

I wanted to share this with you, because it's pretty cool! I like it better than that other one I'd found because you have a lot more option with the text. And there are built in memes you can customize. It's a free download, but there is a donation button if you like using it.

Hope you have a great Sunday! I'd like to be doing what Miss Mousie is doing, but I'll be writing instead. How about you?


Dru said...

what changes are happening over there?

I spent the a quiet day at home.

Melissa McClone said...

They've had a beta site for awhile, but it's not just as user friendly to me. I can't embed. It has all these sites within a site for users. The commenting is different. I'm not the only one who feels this way, but the admins say this is how it is. Many are leaving or have left. I understand about change, but good changes not frustrating ones!

June M. said...

I don't like the changes at It isn't as easy to navigate or as fun as it used to be. and I love LOLcats, I actually have a bunch downloaded & on pinterest because sometimes you just need a good laugh. Hopefully they will figure out that people don't like the changes.

As for what Miss Mousie is doing, it looks great! My allergies have been driving me crazy and I get headaches and just want to sleep due to them.

Melissa McClone said...

June - I knew others felt the same as me. I'm glad people post them on FB so at least I can see them!

I hope your allergies get better!