Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Links

I survived the trip to the Puyallup Fair with two fourteen year olds and a thirteen year old, who had qualified to compete in 4-H Dog Judging. I had one moment of total frustration though. They'd gone swimming while I wrote. When they'd come back and changed into pajamas, the three of them sat on one bed. Instead of talking and having fun, they were all on their various cellphones or iPod Touches interacting with people who weren't there. All I hear is how my daughter doesn't get enough time with her friends, yet this is what they do? I talked to them about the importance of creating memories with each other while they were together. But I think it fell on deaf ears.

Here are a two links for you to peruse:

The first is from BuzzFeed and is called A Love Story in 22 Pictures. Definitely worth a look at one of our military heroes and his girlfriend. Click here.

The next is about a cat named Bob-Bob who went on vacation with his owner. The only problem? He was suppose to stay home! Read NY Daily News' Cat becomes trapped in suitcase... here.

Hope you have a great day!


Maria Zannini said...

It makes you wonder how kids today will remember their childhood 30 years from now.

I'm kind of glad I grew up in an era with very few electronic gadgets. If we wanted social media we had to go out and actually talk to people. :)

Quilt Lady said...

I glad I grew up when I did. The kids today are just not the say as when we were growing.

Brandy said...

I fuss at my daughter all the time to get off her phone and have told her several times that her friends are always welcome here at the house if they want to hang out together. To be honest, we've even threatened to turn off and confiscate her phone if she continues to treat it as if it were an oracle!
Loved the Love Story in 22 Pictures. That's true love.
Poor Bob-Bob. Wonder how they'll get him home?

I hope your day was nice!