Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Random Wednesday

No time this morning to make a LOLcat. A late night writing last night! So today will be a random post.

The first day of high school went well for my daughter. She loves it and can't wait to go back this morning! So happy. I must admit I was worried most of the day since this was going to be so different from what she's been used to!

I'm in the midst of figuring out car pool stuff. Between school, after school high school swim team, the two-day alternative school for the younger ones that's a 30 minute drive away. I'm going to need a spreadsheet to keep track of what I need to be doing when!

The Larkville Legacy, the continuity I'm in with His Larkville Cinderella in November, got a mention on the Harlequin Blog here.

Cats and the Internet go hand-in-hand, right? I'm one of those cat crazy folks who post and pass on posts, videos, etc.  Well, Wired has done a pretty in depth (this puppy is long!) article on Cats and the Internet. Did I mention how many pages this is?  Anyway you can read it here.

I've been uploading more Author & Their Cats posts on Help Miss Mousie. You can read about the following authors' cats:

We're hoping to get lots of small donations (2500 people donating $2 would get us to our goal!) All donations go to the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society. You can donate here.

Anything random going on in your life?


Maria Zannini said...

What a relief your daughter loves high school. It's a big step toward adulthood.

Ref: Miss Mousie
I've been keeping my paws crossed that you get enough donations.

I'll tweet again this weekend and maybe catch a new crowd.

Brandy said...

Everyone on my blog already reads yours, so I haven't mentioned it, but just in case I will mention MIss Mousie tonight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and the kitties are keeping their paws crossed Miss Mousie gets the surgery she needs.
Random-ness today? The hubs is off all week and slowly driving me batty.

I hope your day is a good one!

Jane said...

It's great that your daughter is excited about school and probably making good friends.

Quilt Lady said...

I am so glad your daughter is enjoying high school. Not much happening here, going to physical therapy two times a week and walking the other five days a week. Also son is finishing up his college in a town near here so I have to take him to class and go back and get him when class is over. His class tonight is at seven so I can't stay on line long.