Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Justin Bieber Concert Fun!

Justin flying with wings
Last night was the Justin Bieber concert. I must say, the kid really puts on an entertaining show full of energy and fun. He never stops performing. Even during the slower times, he's out there working hard. And when he takes a break to talk to the audience... Well, this mom was impressed by what he had to say to his fans. Two words came to mind as he did this: inspiring and grateful.

The concert was very high-tech, a multi-media stage with lights, fireworks and confetti. Justin flew threw air with wings, rode through the air singing and playing the guitar on a mechanical crane-like device and was raised up on this platform.

My girls loved it! And him!

As I mentioned yesterday, this was my 9 year old's first concert. I had the most fun watching her all night. She didn't want a T-shirt since she'd just gotten a new on Sunday night, but she did want a lanyard and a light stick to wave. Of course my 14 year old had to have an official concert T-shirt. She changed into it before the concert started!

My daughter's poster
We were up high, but the seats were better than we expected. Rose was so proud of her poster. She held it many times, hoping Justin would see it. It was the cutest thing! I'll be honest, my favorite thing about the concert was watching her reactions!

I appreciated Mackenna making sure to include Rose in pictures, giving her hugs and just sharing the experience. So sweet to see them enjoying the time together!

As everyone warned me, the screaming was intense. I'd purchased two sets of ear plugs when we got into the Rose Garden.  Best $2 I've ever spent!  It made things much more enjoyable!

After Cody Simpson (a 15 year old Australian who the two 14 year old girls with me really enjoyed seeing!) played then Carly Rae Jepsen went, Rose asked me if she could wear the other set of ear plugs. Smart kid! You could hear the music and talking, but those shrieking decibels disappeared!

What will I remember most? The smiles on my girls' faces during and after the concert.