Sunday, January 13, 2013

Double Digits

 We (three kidlets and me) have been away at a swim meet in Newberg, Oregon. Hubby stayed home with the animals.

Today was extra special because our youngest, Rose, turned ten! I can't believe she's hit double-digits. Not my youngest, the baby of the family!

But as she kept reminding me today, she's 10! And proud of it.

She wasn't sure about swimming on her birthday, but it turned out to be a very fun time for her. A couple of her teammates brought her presents which she opened before the meet began.

One of these was a fish swim cap. She wore this during warm-ups. (See pic on right!) It's very cute and she loves it!

After warm-ups, we passed out mini-blueberry muffins to her teammates. Then the announcer told the crowd it was Rose's tenth birthday. An electric guitarist serenaded her with the Happy Birthday song. Then it was race time!

She did well in her events, but the best part for her was when she won her heat in the 50 breast. She received a little toy as a prize.

After her age group was finished, we gave out mini cupcakes to her teammates. Of course, she would have loved to leave then to go home (me, too!) but the two older kids still had to swim.

When we finally arrived home after six tonight, hubby had wrapped all her presents (many he went out to buy since I ran out of time on Friday), cooked her favorite dinner (enchiladas) and had picked up a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for her.

Needless to say, a very nice 10th birthday!

I just wish she was still nine. Ten sounds so much older!!!!!

What did you do this weekend?