Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rose City Classic Recap

After spending Thursday through Sunday at the Rose City Classic Dog Show, this LOLcat cracked me up. Why? Because it's so true!

Dogs, whether mutts or purebred champions, want to please. This could so easily happen in our house. Especially with the puppy Cato who wants nothing more than to be the cats' new best friend. He loves the kitties so much and they want nothing to do with them whatsoever.

So a good time at the dog show, even though Chaos had to stay home.

Thursday, Mackenna showed two Vizslas for a breeder my friend Amy connected us with. One of the dogs won Winners Bitch. It was the dogs first point!  We then headed home since the girls had no dog to show in Junior Showmanship.

That afternoon, a friend, Jennifer, offered to put the girls as co-owners on two of her dogs so they could show in Junior Showmanship. (Otherwise, I was going to lose all four days of entrance fees I'd paid. Instead of just a couple!)

So on Thursday night we went to her house. Jennifer and her daughter Nicki taught the girls how to show an Austrailian Shepherd and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

On Friday, Mackenna showed the Vizslas again. She walked out of the ring with a Reserve ribbon. She also showed an Elkhound. She skipped Juniors even though she had a dog to show due to wanting to get back to school. All her classes were reviewing for finals and she didn't want to miss it!

Rose took Piper, the Aussie, into the Juniors ring and walked out with a 4th place ribbon. Very good for the time she'd worked with the dog! They looked very cute together, too!

Saturday was Mackenna's day. She did a fantastic job handling a one year old Vizsla (it was the dog's birthday!) and pulled out another Winners Bitch ribbon! They nailed it when asked to run around the ring.  With Elkhounds, she showed a different dog than on Friday. They won Winners Bitch, Best Winner and Best of Breed. That qualified them for the Hound Group later in the day. In Juniors, she made the cut with the Corgi. Although she didn't place she was thrilled! And in the Hound Group , she was the only Junior handler. Lots of professional handlers with top dogs in there, too. This was her fourth time in Group and she looked way more confident. She did a nice job!

Rose didn't place in Juniors on Saturday but she learned some valuable lessons that would help her the next day!

On Sunday, Mackenna was back in the ring with the Vizslas. She and another handler were pulled out to run around the ring. The other dog won and Mackenna walked out with another Reserve ribbon. It was between those two dogs all weekend! Elkhounds were happening at the same time so she skipped them. She didn't have a dog to show in Juniors since Jennifer's other daughter had been planning to show on Sunday.

Rose, however, did show Piper. They won their class! It was so exciting to see. This was Rose's third Novice Junior win so she now moves up to Open Junior. Jennifer said she could keep showing Piper, too, which is so nice of her. The two really do make a good team.

So that was our Rose City Classic! What did you do this weekend?