Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Rose's Pumpkins!
Yesterday, Rose and I finally made it to the pumpkin patch. We'd planned to go two weekends ago, but Finn hurt his foot. We'd planned to go last weekend, but the rain was coming down too hard. Today was it.

The first pumpkin patch we drove to was closed. The second one, too. It looked like what pumpkins remained had been part of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise. Yikes.

We finally found a pumpkin patch that was open. I got some cute shots of Rose sitting on hay bales. We looked at a Tee Pee made of corn husks. She didn't want to go in the corn maze so we grabbed a wheel barrow to gather a few pumpkins. Slim pickings here, too. She found three little ones that cost us $5. One was big enough to carve, the other two would be good for painting. I called hubby and told him we were going to make another stop.

Not at a pumpkin patch. A grocery store. That was the only place that had big pumpkins. Rose picked out four, including the one carved above. She was so happy. All she wanted was to visit a pumpkin patch. Once she did that, she was all smiles. Since this was a mom-daughter date, we got small Frosty's at Wendy's to cap off our afternoon. I let her skip her class with me at church so she could do her homework and carve a pumpkin with her dad.

I just love the cat pumpkin!

Is that not perfect for our house! She also painted the rainbow pumpkin next to it. The older kids were too busy to carve theirs. Fingers crossed they have time tomorrow.

As for costumes, ours are finally firmed up:
Mackenna is going as a minion from Despicable Me 2
Finn is going as a bank robber from the video game Payday
Rose is going as a graffiti artist (well, one that might star in a Disney Channel show!)
Chaos is going as a bumble bee
Cato is going to use Chaos' astronaut costume from last year.

We've got the candy in the pantry, lights out front, orange lights on either side of the garage, a scary ghoulish thing on the door and zombie caution tape. Tomorrow the rest of the lights and spider webs will go up.

With everything we've had going on, I'm so happy we're pretty much ready for Halloween. Are you?