Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Street team members wanted!

No new illnesses or injuries for the kidlets! Woo-hoo! Just a couple of appointments and vet visits for the cats. That I can deal with. Life may finally be slowing down. Yay!

Montana Born Books, the imprint releasing my upcoming novella Home for Christmas on November 5th, is looking for street team members. What's a street team? It's a group of readers who get advanced copies of books. They read them, post reviews when the book goes on sale, share FB statuses and get prizes (swag, gift cards.) They belong to a group where they can talk to the authors and each other. So if you like cowboys and romance novels, think about it and let me know if you're interested via my contact form.

So is anyone else finding it hard to believe that Halloween is only a few days away? The candy is in the pantry. (I've snuck a few pieces. Love Butterfingers!) The kids have their costumes and are so excited. Chaos is going to be a bee, but I doubt she's excited about that! Are you ready for Halloween?