Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wait a minute...

Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? I can't. Because I should have the rough draft done of my Special Edition. And no, it's not finished. But I won't start panicking until December 1!

I think my internal clock never recovered from the time change. Then I started doing promo for two Christmas stories at the beginning of the month and making Christmas care packages to send to Afghanistan. And now our neighborhood is full of Christmas lights and more trees are going up each day. It sees like December, not the day before my mom's birthday aka Thanksgiving this year.

She's not cooking this year. I had a brilliant idea in July on how to keep her out of the kitchen tomorrow. No one should spent their birthday cooking for thirteen or more people. And she and my dad went for it. But I'm not saying another word until I see her eat food she didn't make. Just don't want to jinx myself!

Are you relaxing today or preparing for turkey day tomorrow?